Passing the Silver Baton

Polishing silverware is therapeutic.   The task is menial, yet it is conducive to reflection and that is always good, especially at holidays.   My mind drifts to how lovely my mother-in-law’s table looked at Christmastime.  Stella had classy taste.  Her tablecloths were expensive and complimented her china.  But what always impressed me was her silverware.  I inherited it while still a very young mother.  I learned, along with my young daughters, how to care for it and how to set a table properly with it.  It became not only a keepsake, but a tradition in our family.

Through the years, our daughter, Carrie, never complained when I asked her to polish the silverware.  Even through high school and college, she was faithful to provide polished and cleaned table settings of the “First Love” pattern at each plate.  About five years ago, Carrie announced that she had first dibs on grandmother’s silverware.  I was shocked.  She didn’t hate it!  She loved it like me!  Oh, I can see her setting her own table with it in the future and teaching Susanna how to polish silver!  Life is funny that way planting little surprises that find their way trickling through each generation.

My family will start arriving tomorrow and by Friday evening we will all be here to celebrate Christmas.  My homemade Manicotti is defrosting along with my brother-in-law’s sauce recipe and side dishes of meatballs and Sweet Italian Sausage which we’ll serve with a tossed green salad.  Of course we’ll eat it with polished silver!


  1. I, like you, enjoy doing those menial jobs that provide for reflection, Mary. I loved hearing about how Carrie has done the polishing of the silver faithfully all those years, and as a result of it, desires that the silver would be hers one day. And how like a grandmother you are with your vision of Carrie teaching your granddaughter how to polish the silver.

    Have a wonderful time with your family this weekend, Mary.

  2. Love this, Mary! I can just visualize Carrie -- and Susanna, someday -- honoring this tradition. Wishing you all a warm and wonderful celebration this weekend!

  3. I like jobs like that too, Mary. It sounds like a wonderful celebration coming up!
    We will be celebrating on Friday too - our 11th wedding anniversary!

  4. My mother and grandmother always polished their silver too. I had to help out of course. Come to think of it, I don't know who got the silver. Hmm ?

    A belated wish for a happy new year Mary.

    Blessings and love,

  5. How sweet to have something with meaning to pass on to your daughter. I bet you set a classy table also.

    Never had real silver but I think I would love to polish it, to something sparkle from your labor. I think God must feel this way about us, He puts much labor into us looking like Jesus and when we shine for Him, oh my, I bet he is proud. Happy New Year


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