The Monsoon Did Not Steal My Morning Shower

I was grateful to get a shower at all this morning before heading off to work.  Here’s why.  We’re in our Monsoon season and it’s dramatic. 

This is what it’s like just about every afternoon….the skies turn dark and threaten to burst open and fall upon you with excessive speed.  Eighty percent of the time all the drama passes and the late afternoon sun peeks out before twilight.  Last night was different.   I was sleeping soundly until booms of thunder woke me complete with lightening and then the massive rain fell and poof…the electricity failed.  I mumbled to my husband “we lost power” but he hardly stirred.  I felt my way to the kitchen for a flashlight in pitch darkness.  I returned and he was on his cell calling the electric company.  About two hours later, our power came on and with groggy faces we went to the window and watched with delight as homes lit up in the distance.  I thanked  hubby for making it happen and returned to the sack.  It was still raining.

When he crawled into bed he said something out of the ordinary.  It was to the effect that he wondered how many slept through the storm and didn’t even know power was lost jeopardizing  their morning routine.   Had they awoke at dawn and learned the circuit went out they would not be able to enjoy their morning brew.  Because we all have wells, no water would be there for wake up showers or lights for early risers!  I reminded him that I said "thank you!"  He laughed.

All this made me think.  God’s grace is so much like that.  How many times have I been forgiven by someone when I wasn’t even aware I offended them?  How many “almost accidents” may I have incurred in my travels but He detoured me?  

God’s grace.  It’s always there for me, watching out for me, working in the background and making things happen.  God’s grace comes to me by His hand; do I always realize  that I needed what I had been given?  Thank you, Lord, for your amazing grace.

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  1. How true your words about God's grace are Mary! Often we miss all that's going on behind the scenes. But God isn't taken by surprise at all. And I'm so glad you got the power back so you could take a morning shower. Simple blessings we can easily take for granted.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Great analogy! We haven't had the rain that the weather man predicted but we are looking forward to the cooling trend this weekend. So glad your power was restored so quickly.

  3. What had been given...What was already done...I won't get tired hearing these words...Thank You God for Your awesome love and grace. I enjoyed your post sister.

  4. Mary, this is one of those posts that makes me shake my head, yes, yes, yes as I read. Powerful message!

    Blessings to you! Thankful to our God for His grace!!!

  5. HI!!!
    We have not gotten rain in almost a week.....lucky you!!!!
    I love Monsoon...but HATE it messes up the pool, the patio.......and it is darn hot and humid!!!!

  6. Oh how we used to love Monsoon Season! Many were the nights we'd rise from slumber to watch the lightning & listen to the thunder claps ... so powerful & stirring, and so putting me in mind of God's voice.

    I love the grace-dots you've connected, too, Mary. It's all so very humbling.

  7. Yes we do take for granted the blessings we enjoy like electricity! So happy your hubby knew who to call. When our electricity goes out, we need to reset many clocks in our house. I am glad you got your morning shower. Thank you for sharing this lovely story at Tell Me a Story!

  8. Amen! Thanks to God for His Amazing Grace!

  9. I'm with you. In hindsight I can almost see the hands of grace delivering me from catastrophe... too many times. I cherish the grace from His love for us... It stretches my mind beyond capacity.

    I was in Williams and Flag earlier today, man alive, the thunder sounds like it's going to blow up the earth! I don't know how anyone could sleep through anything like that?

  10. what a great analogy....and have never experienced them and don't think I want to. Stay safe okay....

  11. Hi Mary -

    Thank you for showering us with this refreshing message. Indeed, there's a lesson in it.

    Yes, we have much to be grateful for...


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