Another Anniversary!

Our house is quiet again.  We’re back to work, some returned to California and I’m back to my regular routine.   Last week was busy!  we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary and our family gave me the desire of my heart: being all together and enjoying one another for five days!
We got a kick out of a passerby outside our favorite restaurant after a very special dinner on our anniversary.  One of the kids asked him if he would snap our picture.  He positioned us like a seasoned photographer and got just the right lighting and then told us it was his birthday!  We flooded him with our well wishes and I love the photo he took of us!

I like the saying:  “Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.” 

Being with a spirited three-year-old kept us hopping with glee.  We took Susanna to the Toddler Reading Program at the Sedona Library, lunches out, shopping mall, swimming at the Rec Center, and on days we stayed in due to the triple digit heat, we worked on paper crafts, painting toes and nails and watching cartoons together.  Papa was the most popular though.  He ordered learning aps for his new i-pad tablet and Susanna was glued to his side many evenings amazing him with her endurance and skills.  

I told her to sit in the big rocker at the book store while I purchased  "You Are Special" by Max Lucado -- the story about The Wemmicks' and Eli, the woodworker who created them.  When I read the story to her, I asked her who created her....she replied: "Mommy" which of course ticked my daughter no end!

It was a great week!  I feel so blessed.
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  1. Wow, you've been "happy busy"! Lovin' these pictures, and happy belated anniversary!

  2. Thank you for sharing a peek into your anniversary celebration - - at "Tell Me a Story."
    Congratulations on reaching 41 and keep going! Your granddaughter is so sweet and typical of a three year old. I love the faces she made just for fun.

  3. Happy 41st anniversary, dear Mary. What happy pictures you have posted. And I like the quote about grandchildren being the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.

    Susanna is one smart child!

    And I know she takes after the grandparents!


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  5. Happy Anniversary! My parents celebrated 51 years last summer. It's quite an accomplishment!

  6. Happy Anniversary sister Mary! And what a wonderful time you all had! Nice shots! Your granddaughter surely had grown so fast! And she's beautiful...God bless and protect you all.

  7. What a blessing! It doesn't get any better than that does it? God is good... The dots that connect seem to be bigger when they are raised up in the ways of the Lord. Thanks for doing your part from your heart! Happy Anniversary!

  8. I love the photos! I can't believe how grown up Susannah is either. Wow.

    Happy anniversary, my friend. You make some lovely dots connecting those generations.


  9. Happy for you and yours. Quite a blessed day, filled from top to bottom with joy.


  10. First happy anniversary. Many years filled with love. Amazing couple and you have a very lovely family. Wish you more years of love and faith and harmony:)

  11. Happy Anniversary Mary!!!!
    That is beautiful and what a lovely gift of family!
    Your smile is radiant and your heart full. Sending you much love and some warm huggies!

    Deborah xoxooxox

  12. Happy Anniversary. You have such a beautiful family and your little granddaughter is adorable. My husband and I will also be married 41 years in October. It's a great achievement and due to God's grace and mercy.

  13. It was such a fun week! We miss you!


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