How Hollywood Invaded my Midweek Bible Study

I watched a great movie Saturday night that reminded me of my midweek Bible Study about Transforming Prayer where we’re reviewing the pieces of our spiritual armor that equip us to fight our spiritual battles. 

The thriller movie, Enough, stars Jennifer Lopez who is physically abused by her husband so she flees with her little daughter and learns how to fight back from the raging attempts on her life.  She had to learn face-to-face combat with this abuser husband so that she could save herself and her little girl.

Lessons from our Bible Study came alive.  Isn’t that what we Christians do in real life?  The enemy we fight may not be flesh and blood, but principalities and powers and dark rulers in high places.  These spiritual enemies want to kill, rob and destroy us just the same. 

On Wednesday nights we’ve been delving into God’s great love for us; He longs to speak to us and we need to hear His voice.  We’ve been targeting faith and obedience and praying in the spirit as well as looking at each piece of the armor mentioned in Ephesians 6:13-18 that assures our victory. 

In the movie, J.Lo tapes her wrists, puts on her brass knuckles, learns her Karate kicks and strong punches.  I’m doing the same thing, but in a spiritual sense, every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. as I take my seat in our church’s classroom.  In the movie, the bad guy loses and the good guy wins.  The Bible promises us the same!

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  1. WOW that is such a great example of the battles we face and how the bad guy looses and Jesus wins.
    Thank you for sharing at Tell me a Story. Your Bible study at church sounds fantastic!

  2. Wonderful post.Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a WONDERFUL post, Mary! I love the way you were able to make the comparison of the spiritual application from watching a movie!

    Love this beautiful blog that you've designed...SO peaceful here, Friend.

  4. I love how you were able to make a spiritual connection. I have seen that movie with Jennifer Lopez. And yes we are in battle but with an unseen enemy who loves to tempt us and taunt us. However, he masquerades all too often as seemingly good. We have to be alert! Great post Mary.

    Blessings and love,

  5. Such a good connection. We never cower or shrink from warfare, do we? We stand tall & bold, knowing our victory is sure. The thought of issuing spiritual karate kicks makes me grin.

  6. I saw that movie. Before our oldest girls went to college I sent them to a studio where I use to train to teach them to not be a victim. A little training goes a long way.

    So it should be with our attitudes of this fallen world to fight back for and by the power of Him who we belong to.

    I like the analogy... Right up my alley actually.

  7. Your post reminded me of putting on the armor of God in Ephesian...J Lo does brass knuckles, we do the sword of the spirit...great anology...well written. Blessings

  8. I loved this analogy, Mary! (Bet-cha J-Lo would as well.)

  9. Mary, this is the third time in two weeks that the passage on the armor of God has touched my life. It is indeed a timely reminder to never let down my guard, for the enemy is looking for a weak spot, an access point where he could secretly launch an attack. I must look for that movie you mentioned.

    Praying Bonnie is doing better!

    Much love

  10. The armour of God is so vital to Christians but sadly, (at least here in the UK) not many Christians pay much attention to putting it on.

  11. Great analogy Mary. Appreciate you sharing. Blessings.

  12. Sometimes we truly try so hard to protect our dear ones and battle the UNdear one. But, sometimes, we rely on our strength and power, and don't remember that HE is the only One who can bring the victory to the surface. I sure need to remember that myself. MEAN to, but get sidetracked and do too much knee-jerking reactions. Oh, well. He's perfect; I ain't.

  13. What a great analogy! Love it. And I say, "Amen and Amen!"

  14. I remember holding my breath at times while watching that movie as she tried to fight back...Knowing how this movie is also true in real life with those women abused by their spouses.

    I love the analogy you did and it's good to be reminded that our battles need God's arsenal of weapons. Blessings and love to you sister...I had been reading a lot about prayers...God must be calling us to be persistent...Thank you for telling me! :)

  15. woo hoo. I totally needed this reminder...that it's not flesh and blood but a spiritual battle with the one that wants us wiped out. Thanks for posting this. Really needed to read.

  16. HI!!!|
    I saw that movie once or twice..always scared sad that some people really live with that terror.....GOD Bless them...but our spiritual battle is as dangerous to our spiritual lives....I need to do a blog post about the armor of God....after seeing so many wonderful suits of armor in England....I did take notice as I stared at them...GOD indeed had us all covered!!!Did I ever send you my e-mail address????I think you asked me for it....
    Hugs to you
    God Bless
    The Verde Valley was beautiful as always!!

  17. Praise God for giving us the full armor in order to fight against the enemy. Thanks for your post to remind me I have this. I pray your sister is better.

  18. Wow. Such an inspiring words. Its simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Great post, Mary! I love when I get messages from watching movies. This was really great! Thank you, Mary!

  20. Praying all is well with you, Mary.


  21. I love how you connected your study with this movie. :o)

    My daughter learned about the full armor of God her first week of school. They made the armor too. It was a lot of fun.

    I have no doubt that you are honing your skills to my friend.

    So glad I had a second to pop over here. I rarely get to visit.


  22. Transforming prayer...that's one of my favorite phrases. In fact I wrote a free guide with my top 8 Life Transforming Prayers and it's free on my website at


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