Random Smiles

This past week has been good for some laughs at our house. 

To begin with, our cat jumped into the center of our Messianic Seder dinner table last Friday evening during Passover.  Muppy is well behaved and isolates herself  from others so we were shocked when she crashed our party and her tail caught on fire.  My husband's wit was sharp as he explained that we were suppose to roast a lamb tonight, but instead we will use our cat.  Oy vey, the smell of burnt fir!

When the night began, we all took bets on how long it would be before my son-in-law's pressed, white shirt would stain.  That has been pretty much his history.  I was so careful sitting across from him, and I meticulously poured the grape juice slowly for each cup we raised in prayer.  Even with the surprise of the cat jumping on the table, and four cups of grape juice later, he was "stainless!"  That's a first!

My granddaughter called me over the weekend to tell me about the basket she received for Easter.  I asked her what did you find in that basket?  She said:  "Chocolate and chocolate."  Sounds good to me.  I learned that a new Max & Ruby DVD was hidden in there, too!

This is funny!  I got a fax at work the other day.  It was in regards to the company's new sales promotion.  Let me just say that in years passed, sales promotions were five star blessings!  I can count on my fingers and toes the times our office's sales quotas met the requirements for company perks.  It was marvelous to be given trips to hoity toity resorts in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, etc.

But the economy stinks and now the incentive to sell the product is.....are you ready for this (I wasn't) a new polo shirt!  Yeah! 

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  1. Thank you for visiting Tell me a Story.
    I loved your story and the roasted cat was cool! I am glad your grand daughter received chocolate chocolate and chocolate.

  2. It's little stories like these that put a lot of love and joy in our life. Thanks fro sharing!

  3. OH I loved hearing your stories today. Made me smile. It took me 3 white shirts and numerous spaghetti sauce stains later to realize I should really wear an apron when cooking AND probably not where white when I make spaghetti. LOL!
    Oh and good luck with getting your Polo shirt. Sheesh!

  4. Silly Muppy! I'm glad it turned out ok! What a great story!
    Chocolate and chocolate. Yum.
    The stained shirt vigil sounds familiar too!

  5. Chocolate...yum!
    My daughter loved Max and Ruby when she was a tad younger. Ahh, takes me back. So cute.

  6. Aww..I am in sales too and what good is a polo? I mean come on! :)

  7. Awwww delightful post. Made me smile, especially with our cat. Blessings to you dear one.

  8. I love that cartoon! How is your poor kitty's tail doing? What a funny story! Poor thing. I'm glad your granddaughter enjoyed her Easter basket! She is adorable! Thank you for the smiles today. :)

  9. Oh, you did make me laugh. And boy did I need it!

    Thank you! Keep the stories coming!

  10. Thanks for the chuckles today.

  11. Oh Mary, you made my day! Visions of burnt cat-tail & classy polo shirts is just too much.

    Every now and then we get to see just how hysterically funny is this business of living.

    Thanks for the chuckle.


  12. Random fun, Mary!

    I had to laugh at your cat jumping into the middle of your table! Perhaps Muppy just wanted to say her own praises to the Lord..."FUR He is risen!" (Hope that doesn't seem sacrilegious - just couldn't resist).

    And oh, we have running bets on stained shirts in our family, too. Won't mention any names, but it's two young men who happen to call me "Mom."

    And oh, sure hope you win that shirt!


  13. that was too funny about your cat and his tail catching on fire. Too funny. I love that. Glad you had fun. Your family sounds so fun

  14. Oh Mary.....burnt fur and a polo shirt....OY VEY!!!

    Bless you for the big smiles, sister!!!

    Luv and Hugs!


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