What Your Favorite Soup Says About You

My daughter was excited when she picked me up at the airport last week. She ran a list of activities past me that we could do together on the ride home. That night she planned a little dinner party and I decided to have some fun with the guests at her dinner table. I searched my suitcase for a women's magazine that I threw in just before leaving home. I found the article about what your favorite soup says about you. For instance, French Onion says you are a risk taker. That's for sure for anyone drawn to the strength of those onions! Tomato soup says you're a carefree kid at heart. Split Pea says you're in the driver's seat, and so on.

To get the conversation going, I targeted my polite little three year old granddaughter first. "Do you have a favorite soup that Mommy makes for you, Susanna?" "Yes, I do." She replied. "What is it?" I asked. None of us were prepared for this: "I like a bowl of Chocolate Soup!" She said. We all laughed!

Oddly enough, we all chose our favorite soup to be Chicken Soup. It means:

"You're there for loved ones. You're receptive to the emotions of those around you. Empathetic, You are compelled to help others."

No wonder it was such a lovely evening with caring people circled around the table. It reminded me of the old adage: "Chicken Soup for the soul."

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  1. I'm with GD, got to love that chocolate soup. I think my favorite would be mushroom, wonder what that says about me. Have a good day.

  2. Children are always delightful when they give us such cute answers. I wonder if she enjoys hot chocolate or if her mother puts some chocolate syrup into her soup? I am glad you could enjoy time with your daughter and her family. Thanks for stopping by "Tell me a True story," at

  3. Oh Mary....that is too precious! Susanna is such a doll and she is getting sooo big! Chocolate soup is probably just as wonderful as chicken soup, don't ya think? ;)

    I would choose Chicken soup as well with tomato coming in at a close 2nd!

    Love you!

  4. What a fun way to enjoy company around the dinner table!
    I think most of my family would go with the chicken noodle soup. I would have to agree on the chocolate soup. A delightful post!

  5. Your granddaughter's response is cute...Her fav soup is as sweet as she is! What a fun time to do that! I am sure it made the dinner more enjoyable! I love chicken soup too but I'm not sure about the description... :)
    I always pray for the sprinkling of His grace on my soup!

    God bless and protect you!

  6. I'm with you. Chicken soup is my fav! Thanks for the information behind that choice Mary.

    blessings and love,

  7. What a fun post!
    Let's see ... I, too, love Chicken Soup, followed closely by Split Pea. I'm crazy for French Onion, but I'm too much a coward to try and eat it (politely!) in public - LOL!
    Susanna is soooo cute!

  8. Children make my heart smile. Your granddaughter is so lovely.

  9. Lol. A bowl full of chocolate soup sounds delicious!!!
    Although my favorite soup is minestrone... But that probably wasn't in there? ;)

  10. I love the idea of chocolate soup but guess for reality sake I will go with chicken and rice soup.....

    This post was fun and something to think about.....Thanks...

  11. Hi, What a great ice-breaker. I think I would love chocolate soup too. By far, Chicken soup is my favorite too.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great night.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. I would have picked you out for a 'chicken souper'! What a blessing to have raised a table of them to bless you back!!


  13. I love chicken soup too! Your granddaughter is so adorable! And is getting so big. That's interesting about the different kinds of soup.

    Have an enjoyable day! :)

  14. Chocolate soup.....tooo cute!

    And wow Mary! I know I was gone away from blogging for awhile, but Susanna has grown so much and is as adorable as ever! I know you're one proud grammy!!

    Love and Sweet Blessings!

  15. aww. she's so cute. I love the answers kids come up with. And chicken soup has my vote too.

  16. I recently had a medical procedure that required that I was on a liquid diet for about 4 days. Let me tell you, me and soup became VERY good friends!

    I've always liked chicken noodle soup - but I'm also a fan of tomato soup (carefree kid at heart!!) and clam chowder (I'm a bit of a *fishy* character??).

    However, I'll give chocolate soup a try ANY DAY!!


  17. This is so interesting...

    My favorite is squash and corn soup (maybe in your country, squash would be equivalent to pumpkin)... I wonder what your magazine has to say about that.

    ENjoy the week ahead of you, dear Mary.



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