My 2012 Word

I got four new tires for Christmas. They are beauties. Now I’m safe. I bought my car used in 2005 and the tires were new. After six years of wear, you can imagine the threadbare. You wouldn’t believe how many times I would arrive home and tell Dice that a tire is going flat again; it would be a different tire each time. I never got into my car until I walked all around it checking to see if enough air was still in each tire. Fortunately, when a tire did go flat or almost flat, I was parked somewhere. I was always protected from blowouts on the Interstate. Dice was forever repairing the low tire with slime and driving around afterwards to smooth it out. But even then, the ride to work the next day was bumpy and my gauge never exceeded 60 m.p.h. I drove in the far right lane of the interstate at much lower speeds letting everyone pass me. I got to work every time on a prayer!

I don’t have to do any of this anymore. Dice borrowed my car just before Christmas and bought new tires for it and had them balanced. What a surprise! It’s funny how out of habit, I still check my tires before I get in my car. They are always full and Dice put these colored gadgets on the tires that warn me if I need air. I can go real fast on the interstate, too, keeping up with the best of them! The ride is smooth.

My new tires parallel my spiritual journey this New Year. I asked the Lord for direction like I always do at the end of the year and beginning of a new one. My 2012 word is obedience. At first I didn’t like it, but I’m very sure of it now and it’s growing on me! I balked at first knowing my flesh doesn’t obey well. I'm the queen of excuses when I don’t want to do something! When you do that you end up like a car that has nearly flat tires and you don’t move real fast. You’re slow and pokey. This year my focus will be overcoming the hindrances to obedience. Hindrances remind me of that slime in my tires and the bumpy ride! I want my spiritual journey to be like riding in my car the way it is now with my new tires getting me from one place to the next quickly and with ease and mostly safe and worry free. I’m off to a good start but what really matters is a good finish and that comes from the Holy Spirit’s help to hear and obey every day. God blesses those who obey Him. This is going to be a good year. I’m reaching for those blessings.


  1. I so witness to the power of your word: obedience. It is a huge part of my own marching orders; that, and trust. It's impossible to live a life of beauty without either.

    I never did like driving on a flat tire. Too long, and it ruins the rims, then the entire frame of the vehicle. Not good.

    Somehow I know your 2012 will be a memorable year, filled with the riches that only obedience can bring.


  2. What a great analogy between your tires and your word for the year...Sometimes I really think God speaks through early circumstances spiritual lessons He wants us to see.......

    Obedience is such a good word for the year...We don't get far in any area without it.....

  3. That is going to be a great word to use as your standard this year. It encompasses quite a bit.

    Oh another subject. I'm totally curious about this colored thing of which you speak of. How cool to see if you need air in your tires.

    Have a lovely day my friend.

  4. Congrats on the new tires sweety. I love your word for 2012. May we all be obedient, love you.

  5. Obedience... NOT a new word for me!! :) But His word on the word obedience is still the same.. DO IT, and I am learning. I love this illustration of the tires, and I'm so glad you're ding smoothly and safely!


  6. ooops! I know you are DRIVING and not DINGING!! I think I need a new keyboard.

  7. A great lesson, Mary. The word that the Lord laid on my heart for 2012 was *Overcome* - and it dovetails with some of what you talked about in this post. There are so many hindrances in life that come along to steal our joy, our trust, our peace. In the Lord's power, I want to overcome them...

    ...and obey Him in all that He calls me to do.


  8. loved this post, Mom! Between your "obey" and my "hope", we should have an excellent 2012.

  9. Hi there, I loved your analogy and it is so perfect-so visual. My word for 2012 is joy, to live joyously.
    I know the Lord has much to teach us and it will be exciting to hear of the lessons and how easily we were molded to His plan for us.
    Blessings, Noreen

  10. Having new tires is a good thing, but you have to pay attention to the rest of the car, too. Sort of like our relationship with God. He is interested in all of us.

  11. Oh, but this hit home!
    I, too, have had ISSUES with my car's tires like forever. And, like you, each time I approach "Her Stodginess" would check all 4.
    We broke down and charged (darn!) a full set a few weeks back ... but old habits are hard to break. Yes, I still check!
    Love this analogy ... you bet, I'll remember it on my commute tomorrow morning ... and mornings thereafter!

  12. Im so glad you got your tires! &
    Wonderful plans for the new year!

  13. I belive this is my first time here. I am a follower of Christ and was on Nancys blog.
    I am enjoying your blog.. and actually the Lord is working with me at this very second for my new word this year. So far I feel he is saying "LISTEN" to him. It is truly impossible to live a life of beauty without Obedience, listening to God and Trusting.
    There would be no peace.
    Thank you for having such a great blog.. come visit me too! ♥

  14. Powerful as you begin your new year. Blessings.

  15. Obedience...and that's what matters with our spiritual walk with the Lord. Because of it, Abraham was blessed. Because of lack of it, Saul lost his power as a king.

    I'm glad I'm marching with a faithful sister soldier like you as we begin this new year. I feel like I better not wander away from our troop because you just nudged me with your elbow and heard you as if whispering, "You better stay here in this march because we're all in it..." I needed that sister Mary and thank you. My battle had been long and not easy but to be obedient of what He's teaching me is even harder and actually that battle fails in comparison to becoming obedient. But as I did, He loved to bless and even those ugly plans from enemies, became an advantage to me.

    I know you talked about a very important and serious thing because there is no other option but to become one obedient follower of Christ. I don't want to become flat and become slow in my spiritual progress. I want to His grace. I know we will as we encourage each other also and the rest of our sisters/brothers in this blogging ministry. Thank you for the air (breath of prayers) you impart to this sometimes wounded warrior. I love you sister and I miss the cyber tea and cookies we had! :)

    God bless you and strengthen you as you gain speed in your journey! I pray for His protection always and wisdom and discernment. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power!

  16. Obedience, an excellent word for 2012.

    I'm glad that you have new tires, and now are safe while driving. Tires are so important.

    God bless.


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