No Well

When the rest of the world entered into the Christmas season last weekend and began singing about Noel, we were without water and we were singing “no well.” Country living is wonderful with its open range and wide spaces scattering homes here and there, but as wonderful as this country lifestyle of ours is, it requires a water well and you never really know when something will go amiss and you end up with no water. I might add that people tend to get feisty when water does not flow! In my predicament, I can thank the Lord for several things as I look back to last weekend.

First, our well stably pumped water on Thanksgiving, allowing us to live uninterrupted lives and entertaining a house guest in comfort who traveled home by the time our well decided to quit. I’m thankful for the showers we enjoyed, the toilets that flushed and the water flowing liberally as we cooked and carved a messy 22 lb. turkey on Thanksgiving Thursday!

Second, I thank God for the grace to enjoy our holiday weekend regardless of our dilemma. We set up our tree and decorated our home like clean, showered people did. We ate out of cans or we used paper plates and cooking was brief giving us more time to watch the Christmas movies on TV and fill up on munchies from disposable bags!

Lastly, once the weekend was over, our well-driller was at our place, Johnny-on-the-spot! I gasped when the grim diagnosis revealed that we needed a new pump. They are pricey! But I’m thanking God and praising Him because we were told that we are still under warranty! All the repairs cost us short of $900, but it could have been worse and twice that amount.

Today I’m thankful for God’s perfect timing. He had His mighty hand on us and on our celebration last Thursday and I’m so grateful! On this Thankful Thursday, I’m thanking Him that He never leaves me and His living water is always available. It never runs dry! He that believeth in me, as the scripture saith: Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. John 7:38


  1. Bless your thankful heart. I love you my friend.

  2. Hi there, Love your thankful Thursday list! WE are blessed to live in an incredible country; it is hard to think of those folks who don't have water nearby and have to walk miles for it. Thankful that your costs wasn't as much as it could have been. Thankful for you today.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I'm so grateful you had a Happy Thanksgiving in spite of the well issues. And I love that through our Savior, we always have available the free-flowing Living Water!

    Blessings to you!

  4. Well...well...well...

    What a wonderful testimony of His involvement in His children's lives, even to that littlest detail!

    Your faith and love for the Lord always manifests in your posts sister Mary and every time, your heartfelt posts encourages me all the more...You surely "know well" Who to trust! Love to you.

  5. Great post with a funny introduction. Sorry about your problem but I appreciate your attitude and thankful spirit. You encourage me. (Thanks for your note about my return to blogging.)

  6. Beautiful way to put a "Thankful" spin and attitude when something goes wrong. This is truly something we in the city, often take for granted because we are tapped in directly.

    Super thankful that yours was still under warranty too! Gods looking out for you!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. Oh wow ...
    This reminds me of Carrie's prediment when the lights went out in San Diego, and her delightful post. In comparison, I'm pretty sure my attitude would have been pithy.
    Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to always give thanks!

  8. Thank you for sharing your grads. Blessings to you dear one.

  9. What a precious listing of God's provision...of His faithfulness. Thank you so much for recording this for us to share in your rejoicing with you, Mary.

  10. What a wonderful link to His never-ending cisterns. I understand so very well how important is water in AZ!

    We had a similar "event" on Thanksgiving. Our son noticed a ceiling leak ... no surprise given the fierce winds & torrential downpour that day. The fix is now underways ($1,600 later), and I am so, so grateful that it was spotted. The damage could have been far worse & far more costly had it been left unchecked. Yet another fact that is easily connected to His way with us.

    He's never late; and He always has a way of turning our lemons into lemonade!


  11. Hi Mary -

    This is an enriching read. Thank you for your gratitude, in spite of circumstances.

    Just the other day, I quoted parts of John 7:38 about the rivers of living water. I broadly smiled when I read it here. That is so GOD!

  12. Isn't it rather amazing how many vital things we tend to take for granted? Like water and electricity? So glad that it all worked out for you, though, and that it didn't hamper your holiday plans.

    Thank goodness that the well of Living Water never runs dry!


  13. Yep - God's timing is ALWAYS something to be thankful for ...even when we can't see it at the time. :)

    Glad your well is now ready for the Noel season. blessings to you - Marsha

  14. I hope you've got your water back by now. I pray God will pour out His blessings on you this Christmas season like water pours from a well. Blessings!


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