The Gift Exchange

It was last Saturday night when our Life Group from church gathered for a Christmas party and we played the gift exchange game where when it’s your turn, you can take a newly wrapped gift or one that somebody else has already opened. The objective is that you don’t want the person up next to take your gift. You play the gift down so they will have to open up a new wrapped gift and you keep yours! However, I was so surprised when I opened my lovely gift, I just couldn’t act apathetic! In fact, I featured all the qualities of the gift to the group as if it was a sales presentation! You can take the saleslady out of the office, but the sales pitch is still in her!

I may have played the gift game wrong, but I’m playing the Salvation gift right these days of December. And I’ve been busy! I heard a wonderful sermon this season on the reason God sent Jesus to us. It is because God made us a promise and Jesus fulfilled that promise to us in every way. I’ve been on the lookout to see who needs Jesus, who needs to be encouraged, who needs help or prayers, who I haven’t been in enough contact with, who I can pray for that is standing on a scriptural promise that hasn’t manifested yet. Who is in need of healing?

Salvation is a gift. No way am I keeping it to myself!

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  1. Yep those elephant gifts are never what we expect. Thank goodness we know what we have in Jesus! That is definately a gift to share!

  2. A big hearty AMEN sister. It's a gift that needs to be shared.
    Have a lovely day my friend.

  3. I love it that you are actively on the look out for those needing help. A giving heart!

  4. And how awesome that you are passionate about sharing the most important Gift not only for this season but in each day that passes by. God bless and protect you sister.

  5. Amen dear friend! Absolutely beautiful!!!

    The greatest gift we can give is to be on the lookout for who we can share Jesus with in our day to day lives. Salvation is the most precious gift. Love you and your heart of love!

  6. I love your heart, my friend! The best sort of gift is the one you can share, anyway. And salvation certainly fits THAT category.

    Hoping you & yours have the most blessed CHRISTmas ever,


  7. Wonderful. Blessings to you and yours at this time of year.

  8. Playing the salvation gift. What a wonderful way to look at the real meaning of Christmas. I pray you have a blessed and fruitful Christmas.


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