I’m thankful today that I live in the Verde Valley in Arizona. Although I love big cities, this climate is a good fit for me; I feel healthy here. The temperatures dropped radically while I was out in the country this weekend. It was cloudy but I threw my camera in my purse anyhow and snapped away as I drove around.

I like this picture of the cliffs. It reminds me of the caves David hid in when Saul was after him in 1 Samuel 26. The passage refers to the wilderness of Judea, a desolate area by the Dead Sea. The hills have deep gorges.

I can just imagine the fun the kids must have had when they decorated this tree! Adds a little color to the desert, don’t you think?

The Pampas Grass is blooming all over now.

A cold front moved into our state a few days ago. It’s been chilly and nice! Sweater weather is here. I look cold!

Last weekend many people set their clocks back. Now my TV shows are off schedule and when I call my family in California, I have to remember they are one hour behind me. In Arizona, our time does not change. What else doesn’t change? Jesus Christ does not change. He’s the same Yesterday, today and forever. That’s what’s on my heart today. This post links to What’s on your heart Tuesdays, hosted by Shanda.


  1. So very beautiful, just like you my friend.

  2. I wasn't aware the time didn't change there. I drove through Arizona a few months ago and loved it. So beautiful.

  3. I love the way our temperature has cooled down the last few days. Like you I'm glad we don't change our time but there are still adjustments to be made when comparing it to the time in other states. We made a trip to CA one October years ago before our daughter moved here. We got there at 4 o'clock and knew that was the time she got home from work. Time passed and passed and passed and we got worried because she wasn't home. We knew she would have let us know if she was going to be late. We forgot. They had changed their time and it was an hour earlier there. I wish everyone would just quit messing with the time and leave it on God's time like we do here in AZ.
    Enjoyed your pictures. I always enjoy seeing those cliff dwellings. I can imagine how it was when people lived there.

  4. We loved the Verde Valley. In fact, as we'd climb out of Anthem, we'd get excited just knowing we'd soon be seeing trees instead of cactus, and the air would be breathable without air conditioning. I especially like Oak Creek Canyon.

    You look so darned cute standing there shivering in the wind. Wish I were on my way to join you.

  5. Beautiful images my friend!
    Oh dont you look so cozy in your sweater!!
    Have a great week!

    Deborah xoxo

  6. Beautiful post! It's cooler here, too. Thank you so much for your prayers....they are MUCH needed.
    Hugs, andrea

  7. You live in a beautiful area. My husband and I have visited there.

    And yes, I am also so grateful for the steadfastness of our Lord. In a crazy and mixed up world, it's beyond reassuring to know that He NEVER changes. He is trustworthy, now and forever.

    AMEN to that!


  8. Thank you so much for your support during my time away. It was good and our faithful God MOVED. Blessings to you!


  9. Lovely photos of your niche in the desert. The pampas grass is beautiful!
    I have enjoyed the cooler weather. Cozy sweaters and sweatshirts are my style:)
    Cute picture of you! We will have to try and get together after the holidays.

  10. Hi Mary -

    This is a warm piece.

    Thank you, precious lady of GOD.


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