Thankful for Hair Color and Faith

I’m thanking Jesus today that He cares about everything in my life big and small!

My “read through the Bible” plan this year has me in one of the gospels every single day. I see over and over again how faith pleases Jesus and He easily can heal, deliver and teach. But I also see how disappointed He is when people do not believe. This difference made a change in me. I want to believe Him, to please Him.

I made a faith declaration and it came true, but it is kind of funny. I hesitate mentioning it for fear it makes me look like a tightwad. My husband took me to lunch this week and on the way, I asked him to stop at Walgreens my favorite drug store for hair color. I mentioned to him that I didn’t have my coupon file but needed color and will just run in and buy a box. His reply surprised me. He said: “Why don’t you believe for a sale?” “Okay, I said. I’ll make a faith declaration!”

I was just in the store two days ago and the brand I buy was full price, but that afternoon it was on sale, by golly. You had to buy two but instead of $8 they were on sale for $6 plus you get $2.00 back in register rewards! Wow! However, when I paid for it, the cash register did not spit out the register rewards. The manager was called and asked me if I had a manufacturer’s coupon to complete this sale. Nope! I was just about to speak and admit that I really didn’t qualify for this sale when the Lord told me to remain silent. She cancelled my original purchase and then rang up my boxes of color at $6 each again! Then she opened her drawer and handed me $2.00 making the sale $5 per box, unheard of for this brand. Why was I getting such preferential treatment? Was it because I’m loyal to her store or was she just professional in her job? Those of us in sales know that you want your customer walking out the door feeling like they got a good deal. I felt like I got a big serving of grace.

This message isn’t about hair color. It’s about believing. Believing for a discount is a little thing, but the concept is the same for everything. God showed me through this that He wants me to believe Him today for everything! He wants me to believe He’s God and He covers everything, even my hair!

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  1. I love your story! It shows that God wants to show us His favor, is looking for ways to bless us, big or small! Patsy from

  2. Oh He never ceases to amaze us!
    Love how He shows up and surprises us with little and big things.
    Happy weekend my friend xo

    Deborah xoxo

  3. What a great, real-life example of believing and receiving! Thanks!

  4. I love you, and your thankful heart.

  5. Love this! God cares about both the big and small things in our lives.



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