Truimph Through Storms

The air has been dry with scorching temps in my desert town, so when my prayer partner, Glenda, invited me to a women’s retreat up in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona, I agreed to go. We were refreshed in the afternoon mountain rains and we were refreshed in our spirits as we praised the Lord, listened to wonderful teachings in the Word and attended workshops! It was a great time away and it is what is on my heart today as I link up with Shanda at A Pause on the Path.

This is Glenda and I settling in at the conference:

Here’s a tidbit from one of the teachings we received Friday morning that sparked my interest. The backdrop was Acts 27. Paul, as a prisoner, was sailing for Rome and they encountered strong headwinds. Some wanted to abandon the ship, but Paul persuaded them otherwise because he had a word from the Lord. The crew received Paul’s encouragement and when they hit land, they had to swim to shore along with non-swimmers holding on to debris from their broken ship. Some points of interest to me are:

1. Being in the will of God does not exempt us from experiencing storms; life is not a cruise ship full of pleasure. We can do all things right, yet we will suffer. God is with us and never abandons and the peace He gives us in these times is supernatural.

2. God wants to speak to us in storms. Paul, Moses, Joshua, David, Joseph and Jesus all got direction from God in difficult times.

3. Storms catapult us into a place of new authority. In this Acts passage, Paul went from prisoner to commander as he shared his insight from God and the crew followed him and their lives were spared. We choose either to be bitter or a fragrance to others at these times.

4. We impact other lives in storms just as Paul did in this Acts passage. There is definitely more to these storms we are in than we can see with our eyes.

Women’s retreats are so much fun. I was encouraged being with these wonderful ladies. I’m also encouraged at Share Your Heart Tuesdays where many share what’s on their hearts.


  1. I'm so glad you got to go to your women's retreat. They are always so uplifting. This was the first year our church didn't have one and we all missed it so much.

  2. Great points to pull from Paul! I totally agree.

  3. Which women's retreat did you go to? That wonderful truths you learned. It is so true....God uses our broken pieces for His glory....the storms have great purpose in our lives. Thank you for sharing!! Much Love ~ alice

  4. Thank you for sharing a few points that you learned at the conference. It was a help to me Mary! And yes, how fun to spend time with a good friend and learn and delve into God's Word.

    Blessings and love,

  5. That's what the Lord brought to my heart this morning...He willingly suffered so we may have joy in our hearts. The question is...."how much are we willing to suffer for Christ?"

    Thank you for this and I'm glad you had a wonderful time, refreshed both physically and spiritually. God bless you sister. I can't wait for the cooler weather...Whewww...

  6. Great points. That is the best thing about storms... He is there and He goes with us. Sounds like it was a wonderful retreat!

  7. there is nothing sweeter than a bunch of christian women getting together and sharing the Lord!

  8. What a wonderful break! I loved what you shared, Mary. In the middle of trials God is so present, and doing His work in us and for us.

    Loved this!


  9. I love going to women's retreats! There's nothing like fellowship with like hearted women who have a passion for our Lord. I'm so glad you had a great time. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    You are a blessing!

  10. I just attended the Women of Faith Conference here in California over the weekend - and yes, women's retreats are always such an inspiration. I loved the lessons that you brought out.

    Particularly #3.

    I hadn't really considered this as a possible outcome of a storm. But, yes, God can do even this. I also think that storms give us a new respect for God's authority.

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Paul was an amazing man. His books are so powerful. I'm happy you were able to have some getaway girl time. And spend time with God's people. Nothing is more refreshing.

  12. Storms are definitely not fun, but Paul and the entire crew and prisoners were saved because they believed that Paul had heard from heaven. Don't leave the ship - - spoke to me.
    I am happy that you were able to enjoy a wonderful ladies retreat. They are a great time of fellowship and refreshing.

  13. Great post to share dear one. Thank you for sharing on Paul. Blessings.

  14. I have often found that storms captivate my imagination - - both of the literal, and of the spiritual types. I mean, when a crack of thunder rolls, or a streak of lightening flashes, or even when a wind makes its presence known, I am immediately humbled, set in awe, and alert. I can only imagine how rewarding were these teachings; as well as the opportunity to gather with other women believers.


  15. Your retreat sounds wonderful. Glad you got to go. I needed to hear the words of encouragement today in your post. Thanks!

  16. You always encourage my heart, both here and in your sweet comments at Arise 2 Write.

    I am glad you were able to go to a women's conference. What a blessing!

    Continuing to storm the heavens with you,

  17. Hi dear friend ~ just wanted to thank you for your lovely words over at my place! I was so happy to see your face in my comments section again!! I was missing you!! I seem to always be changing my blog ~ I just changed it again! But God is really bringing in non-believers which is AWESOME to me because I have a heart to show them God's love. Can't wait to read our next post!! Have a beautiful evening ~ Much love ~ alice

  18. I love women's retreats as well! Just to bond with other women with no distractions ~ no laundry, cleaning, etc. Just time to be with the Lord, learning more about HIS Word and worshiping HIM....ahhh :) Heavenly!

    Love you!


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