Costa Rica

A few years ago, my husband and I revisited beautiful Costa Rica. This time our daughter, Amy, joined us. Today's post is a trip down memory lane!

The Toucans were beautiful!

Amy met new friends and they joined her on the Zip Line Canopy Tour. Adventurous!

We spent a day in the rainforest. Beautiful!

My post links today to Shanda's blog, A Pause On The Path. I am participating in "In Search of Beauty." Be sure to visit and enjoy God's beauty everywhere.


  1. Beautiful! I lived in Costa Rica for 5 years and there is so much beauty there! I loved it.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your photos of Costa Rica are beautiful, and your daughter is also. It's great to meet another Arizona transplant. Ohio, wow, how long have you been in AZ?
    It was great to meet you, and I will be visiting your blog often.

  3. I sure see a lot of mama in both your girls!

  4. Beautiful photos, Mary. My husband's aunt and uncle visited Costa Rica several years ago and they told of the beauty there.


  5. Gorgeous!! I have always wanted to travel to Costa Rica.....and never come back...!! he he :>)

  6. Looks sooo relaxing! I'm sure there's a beauty in everything...We just need to make adjustments with the way our hearts see...God bless you sister and have a great weekend!

  7. Such beauty there. It looks so lush and green.
    So are you telling us you didn't go down the zip line with your daughter? LOL!
    Have a blessed day my friend.

  8. Wanted to say...I love you, right back! And I am so grateful for your blog....your blog title is something you truly can stand by....for you have brought me many 'piles of smiles'....Have a blessed Sunday!! lv alice

  9. Awesome post with pictures. Love the Toucan picture. Can just imagine the power in their big beak. Blessings.

  10. awesome trip and I want a toucan!!! They're gorgous...glad your dgt got to go with you.

  11. These were lovely photos! I had no idea that Costa Rica was so lush!

    God has created a beautiful creation - even in its flawed state. I can hardly imagine what it will look like when He restores it to His perfect glorious condition!


  12. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. So happy your daughter could join you and enjoy the beauty and the adventure!

  13. Hi there, I just came over to say hello and I love what I'm reading plus we both participate in Thankful Thursday and lots of my buddies are following I'm now a new follower. I've never been to Costa Rica but have zip-lined and it is so fun! Blessings to you this day.


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