Praying with Power and Fashion

Prayer journals take on interesting personalities, don’t they? My collection varies from three-ring binders to photo albums filled with scripture promises to declare. I’ve decided to place a little notebook covered with dainty green and pink flowers right next to my desktop so I can write down those desperate cries for God’s help I read about on so many of your blogs. And I have to say, the cute notebook gives my desk some charm.

I got the notebook idea while visiting my daughter. She keeps a travel size notebook in her purse at all times. One Sunday she took me to church with her and introduced me to some friends there as well as in the coffee shop afterwards and the thrift store after that. Every conversation led to a need for prayer and out came her notebook so she wouldn’t forget! Now I understand why we Christians are never alone. God says He’ll never leave us. I was thinking about this today and how we, in the Body of Christ, link to that promise. We carry within us His spirit and take to those who look for miracles. We never stand alone. The power of prayer always energizes me.

This same daughter with the bulldog faith just placed a prayer vigil on her blog, Pain to Purpose, asking for prayer support for what seems impossible but yet God said was possible. My heart leapt at the response. Half of the required time slots are claimed. Clearly she does not stand alone in her faith assignment!

The Christian blogging community cannot be contained. It is the place to see faith enacted and motivation to embrace Kingdom principles. I’m thankful to be part of it. Perhaps my little flowered-notebook has your request in it, too!


  1. Great idea. We see so many needs while reading blogs and leave a comment. But I know I am so forgetful I pray then but not always later or follow up and read how God answered our prayers.

  2. This is wonderful! I wondered if it was Carrie you were referring to....she is an inspiration! I'm off to her blog next....

  3. This reminds me of 'bear ye one another's burdens and thus fulfill the law of love' of my favorites! I'm so proud of Carrie, she is quite a girl, Mary!


  4. That is an awesome idea to help remind anyone to be "prayerful". I came by to thank you actually sister Mary for your prayers. Your comment hit me and a thought came to mind that even if the struggle takes a long time, He is truly going through all those trials with us. During the times when we feel so weary, how true though that His burden is light!

    I can't help but think how awesome it is to have met so many wonderful blogging sisters and brothers in Christ. Though distances apart, we truly are one, united in His love and how awesome for the privilege of interceding with each other. Glory be to God!

    So grateful have met you. God bless and protect you sister and your beautiful family.

  5. Lots (and lots) of years ago, I kept a little book, "Poems, prayers and promises."
    I don't recall what happened to it ... but this just reminded me of its unobtrusive, simple pleasure... a chance to start again, perhaps?!

    PS - Thanks for the mention of Carrie's prayer vigil. I'm honored to join in!

  6. Great idea. This is so true to be so prayerful. Hard for me at times. But a great reminder. Blessings.

  7. I have a sheet taped to the wall near the computer. Your notebook sounds much more attractive! Thanks for the idea. And thank you for the assurance that you would include me as the time arises. Back at you sis!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for stopping by for a visit. It's been a while since I've visited you. Summertime happened and Hubby and I have been on vacation for most of it. Many trials going on in my family right now too.
    The notebook is a good idea. I have always kept a sheet of prayer requests in my Bible but the notebook is a much better idea. Thanks for sharing with us. I pray you have have delightful and blessed week.


  9. Thank you for being a beautiful witness for the Lord Jesus. I am going to go check out your daughter's blog next!!

  10. A great idea that I have thought about before, but never completely implemented. Mary, you and your daughter have inspired me again.

    I cannot tell you the overwhelming support, comfort, and encouragement I have received from the blog community. I hope that I have been able to give out a small portion of what I have received. God uses this tool of blogging for His purposes indeed.

    Prayers for your family, and thanks for yours, too.


  11. This is such a practical idea, Mary.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I also plan to drop by your daughter's blog after posting this comment.

    Blessings on your day, dear Mary. And as Autumn is just around the corner, may you enjoy the changing of the seasons.


  12. I just came over from your daughter's blog. Signed up to join the Sept 11 prayer chain. Answers to prayer are forthcoming!



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