Mother's Best Advice

When I married her son, my Mother-in-law, Stella, gave me some advice. She divulged that I’m marrying into a family of strong women who like to take charge of everybody. The way she coped was by listening attentively and replying with a kind "thank you" and then when they left, she would do what she wanted. I have to admit that it works…especially with her son. Here is Stella on the far left with the strong women.

Here I am with Mom on my wedding day when she gave me the best advice. She told me to maintain proper priorities keeping God first and then my husband and then the kids. Great Biblical advice!

Think about the best advice your mother ever gave you. I’d love to hear it!


  1. What precious advice! Mary, I don't think my Mom has EVER given me any advice. Now how sad is that?

    Oh well. I will make up for it with my own daughter.

    You look lovely!

  2. Love the advice they gave you.Your mom was right on track.
    You know I really can't remember anything that really sticks out with my Mom. I think she spoke through example, which sometimes speaks louder than words. She and my dad have been married almost 58 years this August so I guess she knows what she's doing.
    Have a glorious day.

  3. Both you mother and your mil gave you good advice, and I know you have passed that down as well.

    I have so many from my own mom that I can't even single one out. I think her thoughts on marriage might be my favorite:

    "Each for the other, and both for God".


    P.S. What a beautiful bride you were Mary! :)

  4. How blessed you are! I've no doubt my mother and others tried to share their wisdom ... and I wasn't listening. :(
    Love the wedding pix, Mary -- for some reason I looked and "Gidget!" popped in my mind!

  5. My mom told me never to write anything that I wouldn't feel comfortable being printed in the newspaper.

    Loved the pictures..what a gorgeous bride you are/were!!!

  6. Wonderful post! I am blessed with a wise and godly mother too.

  7. At the top of mother's list: "Never put anything in writing you'd be ashamed to have anyone read later." It's spared me a world of misery!

  8. Thanks for sharing the wise advice of your mother and mother-in-law. My own beautiful mother passed away August 18, 2010, and this first Mother's Day without her is hard but I'll always be grateful to her for teaching me to know Jesus and put Him first as she did in her life.

  9. What wonderful advice from both mothers! I love the photos you shared. My mother has given me a lot of good advice through the years but can't think a specific thing right now. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day weekend. :)

  10. Oh, I loved the wise words that you received from both of these mothers!

    My mom has always been my best friend - and her advice and counsel has always been so helpful. I guess if I had to pick one thing, it was when she told me about Jesus. When I was about 3 or 4, she told me about a friend that I could have live in my heart. She told me how He was bigger than Satan. She told me how I could make Him my Lord. She told me about His Love...

    You know what? All these years later, that's still the best advice I've ever had from anyone!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Mary!


  11. Hi Mary -

    I loved reading this. Wow! beauty! Are you a redhead? Your hair looks red in your lovely wedding photo. I love that mother/daughter picture!

    Love was my mother's life. She exuded consistent love. I hold those memories dear...


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