Spiritual Sundays ~ Those Resilient Grays!

Gray Hair is a crown of splendor.

It is attained by a righteous life.

Prov. 16:31

I had a good laugh at McDonald's this morning. I had some paperwork to go over with my oldest daughter, Beloved, so we met there together to complete our task. As I sipped my McCafe, I watched her across the table scribble some notes. I had to tease her. "With all the money you spend coloring your hair and going several shades darker, those resistant gray strands are still popping up!" Her retort: "Well, Mom, thanks to you I inherited this problem!"

It's true. She can blame it on me. I cast the blame on my mom, too, because she grayed so early in life. I can always remember my mother in her sanguine ways making this her confession: "Gray hair does not grow on a dumb head!"

And my confession? Well, it's Isaiah 46:4!

Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He,

I am He who will sustain you.

I have made you and I will carry you.

I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Isa 46:4

Thank you, Charlotte and Ginger and all the friendly writers who make Spiritual Sundays such a wonderful place to hang out!


  1. I am blessed to be among the grey heads of which you speak. Well, not completely grey, just enough to be able to point them out to my children and remind them of my wisdom! :) Blessings, Debbie

  2. We share a lot of things, Mom, but I'm glad we don't share this gene! haha. 33 and still going strong! (with maybe one or two hidden grays!!)

  3. Then my crown must be indeed splendid and my life indeed righteous!
    I gave up covering the grays. Much easier this way, and now since it's pretty much white in front I'm "pretending" it's kinda blonde.
    One good thing, the grays are coarser so they have much more body!

  4. I love your mom's comment, "Gray hair doesn't grow on dumb heads". I'll have to remember that one. And I love Isaiah 46:4. Thanks for the reminder that it's OK to have those gray hairs. They are a "crown of splendor".

  5. That verse is what I say about the gray hair too, Dear. So many of my friends from high school at reunions have dyed hair. But I just don't care. Blessings ~

  6. As hard as I fought the aging process when a young woman, I certainly relish the gains (even the grays) today! Had I known how utterly wonderful life would be once I'd advanced past "go" (I think my "go" was at 38), I'd have spared myself a bundle of folly.

  7. I'm still not wanting to go all gray, but the comment on gray being coarser hair, leaves me feeling hopeful. :)

    One of the limp and fine-haired ones,

  8. Such a wonderful promise -- the promise of God's presence down through old age -- even for the ones of us who refuse to let the gray show. :-)


  9. It's amazing how soon those gray hairs pop up. I can remember when I had just a few. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but now they are all white. I know it didn't happen overnight, but it seems like it.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. I love your post, you certainly left me with a delightful smile after reading this. I call them 'white' hairs but seriously how wonderful to live long enough to wear such a crown of glory. Praise God for his promises! Wishing you a blessed week.

  11. I better not pluck those few sticking out then!!! :)

    That's a beautiful promise of the Lord from Isaiah...

    I'm ready sister for coffee!!!!Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. These evil people truly want me to stop working. I let the Lord handle them. So, my white hair is not really from stress...I'm just OLD!!!

  12. I love this :) My Nana had such pretty hair even with the grey but Mom and I well, we color it and hide it well! The funny thing I can share is that my 14 year son Jantzen has soo many grey hairs already!! He had a big patch in the back and one of the girls in his class noticed them ....He was mortified LOL Had me cut them as soon as he got home!!! My Moms dad had the MOST BEAUTIFUL SILVER GREY HAIR I have ever seen! But you know Men can do grey far better than us women... 'wonder why that is???

    Have a blessed week my dear friend! Love you

  13. On a practical note, I will comment on the stubborn grey hair...when I switched my hair color brand, the problem was solved. Just look for a dye that sits in your hair for a good 20 minutes. Will that damage your hair? Probably. But as any women knows, it's worth it, lol...

  14. Funny - just tomorrow I'm going in to the hairdresser to have my "grays" touched up!!

    I think God still knows they're there, though! And I pray that He will continue to sustain me, carry me, and rescue me...

    I have loved Him all my life.


  15. Need to go get my greys covered soon. They keep popping up!

  16. Thanks for your comment on my post. Let's encourage each other to "set our faces" towards Jesus.

  17. Hi Mary
    This was a good post to read. I had to start coloring my hair when I was 25... inherited early gray hair from my dad.

    Now at 58, I think my hair would be mostly gray, if I did not have the help of L'oreal.

    Yes, gray hair doesn't grow on a dumb head. With that I want to agree.

    Thanks for your visits to my blog. Just want you to know I appreciate the comments you take time to leave.


  18. I know all about those resistant grays. Glad to hear they're not growing on a dumb head. ha.

  19. Hi Saleslady371 -

    I enjoyed this read. It made me smile. Thank you for sharing.

    Several years ago, I ceased to color my gray hair. If I colored it, I would look younger, but I have come to appreciate that it is what it is. We can grow old gracefully with gray hair.

    The other day , I viewed on me some facial signs of aging ...I had some concerns...our Lord led me to someone's blog that said in the content, "You are beautiful just as you are." That blogger had no idea of my mindset. Our Lord knew and sent me to her blog to gain reassurance that He says that I am beautiful just as I am. That so encouraged me.... Thank You, Lord!

    I may do a post one day on the benefits of aging in our Lord. So many people are caught up in outward appearances...and so many are insecure about looks...I believe that there can be too much emphasis on outward appearances...

    The condition of our hearts is most important. May we strive, in earnest, to steadfastly have pure hearts...


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