Pursuing Holiness

"A true love of God must begin with a delight in his holiness, and not with a delight in any other attribute; for no other attribute is truly lovely without this.” Jonathan Edwards

Remember when Jesus was out at sea with his disciples and a big storm came? They woke Him up and asked for His help. He awoke and calmed that horrendous storm. I want to focus on their reaction. Scripture tells us that after Jesus spoke to the raging waters, all became still again. But His disciples were terrified. Why is that? Because they were in the presence of the very holy One and isn’t it true that when we are in that presence we see ourselves for what we really are: afraid, sinful and doubting.

I’ve been reflecting on God’s holiness ever since I watched the 700 Club earlier in the week. A distraught mother called in and asked Pat Robertson what more she can do besides all her praying and fasting to hasten the return of her prodigal son. I felt that his reply was for me as well: “Instead of focusing on your son’s sins, focus on God’s holiness. Ask for God’s forgiveness for this son’s attitudes and offenses against such a holy God.”

I realize that we can’t repent for another person. However, our intercession takes on a whole new dimension when we take the approach of coming into the presence of a Holy God instead of dwelling on all the sinful rebellion we are seeing and continually telling God about it.
I am called to be holy. Peter says so in 1 Peter 1:15-16. “But as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy.’ So how do I do this? By separating myself from the things of this world and dedicating myself to God.

I will never stop interceding for my prodigal and knowing I will become holy in the process is a win-win situation.

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  1. So true! How much we want those that have fallen away to come back to Him, but we can't make them. We just need to keep being faithful in prayer and in our own serving God.

  2. I will place your prodigal on my prayer list too! That was a beautiful post... We all have people we are crying out to the Lord for and I love the redirection of our prayer away from the sin and on to the Holy. He is faithful...

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Oh, I loved this. It can be applied to so many other heartaches in our lives, too. Approaching God focusing on His holiness.

    I'm adding my prayers for your Son.


  4. I've been the prodigal daughter (at 28 with two kids); I'm sure my parents' prayers were much the same.

    Your best days of parenting are ahead of you, sister. Keep to it.


  5. I didn't have to go too far to realize that immoralities constantly surround us and this worldly way is truly shallow. I love the way our Savior saved us from our sins and at the same time, brought God's holiness into this place. The process is not easy but if we keep on drawing nearer to our Lord, He will sustain us...I believe in prayer covering...I believe because I was once a prodigal, same with my brothers whom my mother had prayed for. Day in...Day out...I saw those tears during helpless situations. But I also saw those tears of answered prayers. He does hear! Glory be to our God! Blessings and love to you sister...Have a great weekend.

  6. it hurts to watch someone you love hurting or not living right. I believe...prayer makes a huge difference. Me too...praying for your son.

  7. I love this prompt to re-focus
    our intercession.
    Thank you for this nugget of wisdom, Mary!

  8. You're preaching to this alert audience, Mary! I've got several of those prodigals in my own life. What has helped immensely is for me to switch-out my "pleas" (teh begging kind), for "thank you"s. By that I mean, I have begun to acknowledge & thank the Lord for the work He's doing in their lives, in them. I might not be able to see it, but I know He's at work. He loves them more than I.

    So, like the prodigal's father of old, I will pace the lot lines with my eye on the horizon. He was certain of his prodigal's return; and so am I.


  9. What good advice. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  10. Thank you for the reminder in your post to keep my focus on God's holiness. That's really what it's all about. I pray your prodigal will come back and you will see God's holiness in the process.

  11. Sometimes when I pray for others who are hurting or withdrawn, I ask God to forgive ME for the same attitude I see in them. Keep praying, keep seeking. I have neighbors that I thought would never enter into a church. I prayed and prayed for them. I had the thought (from the Holy Spirit) to invite their daughter to go to church with us one Sunday. They agreed, and she loved it. The following Sunday they ALL went to church as a family. God is reaching out to your son, He loves him, and won't let Him go either...

  12. Such a great message in this Mary. Thank you for sharing this with us. I need to redirect my focus too.

    Bless you friend!

  13. What a worthy admonition. Focusing on God's holiness - and it is an ever-present challenge in this polluted society in which we live, and work and move about.

    How glad we are for his grace. blessings to you - Marsha

  14. Wonderful post! I love the newer look to your blog - great pictures.
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas
    Amazing Salvation


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