Upbeat Moments!

I love upbeat moments and I cherish the pockets of joy that have sprinkled over my week. I'd like to share some with you. Winter is great in the high desert, but I have to admit it is exciting at this time of year when new growth starts to spurt.

My sweetheart gave me a new camera for Valentine's Day and I'm learning how to operate the features. If this post is a little picture-crazy, that's why. I'm camera happy! I gave my honey a "man cave" for Valentine's Day; here's the picture I took of it:

Our daughter dropped by the house the other day with cheesecake and fresh daisies. Her name means "beloved" and it fits her. I took a picture of her and her husband.

Our other daughter lives in San Diego. Her name means "strength" and "joy." It fits!
We received a bucketful of joy when my hubby's cousin, Wayne, visited last weekend. Hubby was an only child, so his cousin is like a brother. They were funny together.

Wayne brought an old photo album with him.
It was fun to look at ancient black and white
photos of the guys when they were little and
where dressed alike! My girls embraced
their second cousin.

We took Wayne to Jerome, AZ.
We had a fun lunch and talked and

Joy is such a wonderful thing to possess. No wonder the enemy tries to steal it from our souls. How do you choose joy, no matter what? Philippians answers that. Paul was not bound by his circumstances although he was in chains. His spirit was never chained. He rested in God and wrote a lot in prison all the while advancing the gospel. Likewise, our trials refine us and promote the gospel. I like Paul's perspective. I like the way he takes.
"But I want you to know, bretheren,
that the things which happened to me
have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel."
Phil 1:12

When we studied this in church last Sunday I did not know the warfare that would hit me this week. Today was especially rough, but I'm choosing joy in spite of my circumstances! I'm encouraged by the Word of God. It's the thing to do when we get in these hard places. Many are in rough places right now. Be encouraged.


  1. I'm glad you had such fun before the attack hit. Yes, think on the joy -- good things.

    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  2. GOD certainly knows exactly what I need. I need a smile and there you are...what a blessing. Thank you for being a genuine friend..a praying friend...a loving friend...and a friend who loves me with the heart of JESUS knowing I am a great big work in progress. GOD BLESS YOU for being my friend. One day, I pray I get a great big hugs this side of eternity!

  3. Working in the prison, I know that there is just nothing pleasant. So, to know how much joy Paul had while being imprisoned was extraordinary. Knowing that it wasn't his trait but truly a gift from God. To have that hope that comes from our Lord, no walls can ever contain that, joy just overflows!

    Nice shots sister and your family is beautiful...Thank you sister Mary for your prayers and encouragement always. I might be going through a battle, but because of Him, I have joy! Glory be to God! Love you sister.

  4. Oh Mary, this is such a wonderful post! First I love the meaning of the girls names. Carrie is soo strong and brings so many such JOY.

    How awesome is that Man Cave!! I bet he is in HEAVEN!!! Your pictures are great too! Isn't it fun shooting your loved ones :) I got a camera for Christmas and just love it!!

    I'm sorry you have had such an attack this week but see and hear the Victory you have been given through Christ! The enemy is under your feet my dear friend!
    I will be praying for you and am so inspired by your JOY

  5. Ever the uphill climb! Thank God there are moments of respite as we embrace family or relish God's creation. We ARE more than conquerors, dear friend. What joy it is to join you on this journey.


  6. Love your picctures ... always!
    You're having fun, aren't you?
    That was interesting learning the meaning of your girls' names; did that have any bearing on your decision to name them?
    (...and what does "Mary" mean?)
    Love ya!

  7. Hi Mary -

    Thank you. I so enjoyed viewing your family photos.

    And I love this that you cited, "But I want you to know, bretheren,
    that the things which happened to me
    have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel."
    Phil 1:12


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