Mission Unaccomplished

I’m a lady on a mission. I’m contemplating how to make a homemade sweet potato pie for my boss for the holidays.

I started working for the man fifteen years ago. He is a dream boss. God gave me the desire of my heart when I prayed to be able to work alongside my husband in business and then he gave us a dream boss. Over the years our association with him has been pleasant, fair and rewarding. He has taken us along with other co-workers on wonderful vacations to the Bahamas, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica and a Mexican Riviera Cruise.

And all I’m doing to give back is baking him a homemade pie? It’s not just any pie. Dream Boss is from the south. When he grew up in Georgia, he enjoyed Sweet Potato Pie. He talks about it often. He pronounces it “pa”. I heard my husband promise this southern gent a pie on the phone this morning to be delivered by the weekend! So I’ve got a week to find a recipe.

One of these days I’m planning to get together with Jackie from Fresh Oil Today who hails from Georgia and has fond memories, also, of Sweet Potato Pie. Due to her family priorities we can’t meet for a while. Meantime, I’m hunting for the best recipe!

Wish me luck! If you’ve got one, please share!


  1. I praise GOD you have a wonderful boss. Unfortunately, I am NOT a good pie maker. I will pray GOD sends you the perfect recipe!

  2. Sorry sister. I just know how to eat! :) I love to experiment though and try recipes. I hope you'll get one good recipe! It's awesome when you get along with your boss. Take care sister...Keeping you in prayers. God bless.

  3. I do not cook. Never had the desire to learn. Blessings to you.

  4. Now that sounds like a very rewarding endeavor, Mary! I've never made a Sweet Potato Pie, but I do have sweet potatoes so I just might give that a try myself!

    Good luck...and am grateful you have such a wonderful boss!

  5. Check out the assortment of related recipes at: http://allrecipes.com/. Just put "sweet potatoe pie" in the search field. I found one for "southern sweet potatoe pie" that sounds absolutely scrumptious!!

    Then bake ME one too. I'm on my way.

  6. Although I am from the south I am not very fond of sweet pototoe pie. Sorry. I do make a mean pumpkin pie though.
    You are truly blessed to have dream boss. Will you pray that God will give me a dream boss? Well wait a minute just pray that God will give me a job.

  7. I never heard of sweet potato pie, but it sounds heavenly. Enjoy your time with Jackie. She is an angel in the flesh...

  8. I don't have one either, wish I did. But I will be checking here to see what others might have to share!


  9. Dropping by to see how the pie-making went?


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