Why I Count It All Joy Wednesday!

I’m counting it all joy because I live in America. My freedom of speech allows me to disagree and write letters to companies like IHOP for suing International House of Prayer because they use the same acronym (after ten years! C’mon.)

I’m joyful because I called my 95 year old mother in Chicago and she’s still sharp and I thank God that we had a great conversation this week.

I’m joyful because I had a wonderful visit to San Diego. My daughter insisted that I sleep on her Tempur-pedic bed every night. I felt so good, not to mention young!

I’m joyful because we enjoyed a safe road trip back to AZ even though it would have been better if we could have stopped at IHOP with the baby and ate pancakes! No IHOP for us. We’re serious about this.

I’m joyful because I love apples and I have tons on my tree this year. They are wonderful for baking!

I’m joyful that our family was together at my home last weekend to celebrate Susanna’s second birthday, which is actually today! Her aunty choose a princess theme and we partied with cupcakes and balloons!

Okay, she’s a little upset….could it be because we are loud and overwhelming when we celebrate? It can’t be because of my cupcakes…can it? Susanna is lactose intolerant. I count it joy that I found a baking blogger who helped me with non-dairy cupcakes and icing. They were pretty good!

Susanna amazes me with all the words she can say already. But she can’t say “Grammy” It is always “Groggy.” I think it is adorable and count it joy that she has a special name for me even if it is “groggy.” Only another grandparent will understand.

Thank you, Angel, and all the gals at Allthemus for reminding us to count it all joy today! Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Thank you Mary for the sweet comment on my blog today!! Love your JOY list and all the pictures of the party. Great party hats!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. Great pictures and Happy Birthday to the special girl! Oh my goodness, 2 already? That means I'm heading to become "91" soon. :)

    As followers of Jesus, we must stand for what is right...even if that means skipping pancakes at IHOP. God bless and protect you...I know at His right time, the truth will come out that prayers are way better to have than pancakes! Blessings and love to you sister Mary.

    I'm not a grandparent yet but I think it's cute that your precious grandbaby has a special name for you...I think it's unique!

  3. Oh you sweet sweet woman...I just love you and all of your precious pictures of your family! Our little "1" turns 2 on December 31. He talks pretty good, but instead of calling me Nana he calls me Nanny...Ha! I love it so I'm completely with you in understanding the name thing. I wouldn't have it any other way. I told my daughter to never mind...I love Nanny too.

    Love you my smiling sister, friend and one who makes me laugh. YOU ARE THE BEST!


  4. "Groggy" .... I love it! After all, anyone can be "granny", but it takes someone SPECIAL to be a groggy :)

  5. Oh she is just soooo precious! YES! I can sooo relate and appreciate the love of "groggy" Whatever they say is just too precious and we are all always hoping rylee never says certain words correctly because they are just adorable! So glad you were able to all be together and celebrate this sweet babys day!

    Love you and thank YOU for bringing JOY into my life with your friendship, love, and prayers!

  6. Your family is so precious. Thanks for sharing your joy. I love you.

  7. Hey Groggy!

    Can't tell you how hard I laughed about "Groggy"....maybe it's because you don't have your own temper-pedic bed!! lol! And, hey, when I finally get my miracle grandbaby(s) I'll take any name I can get...granny, nanny, grumpy, groggy or ???? and count it all joy : ))!!

    Love all the precious family pictures.....you are one blessed Groggy!!

    PS.....If I can ever find my grandmothers most wonderful in the universe deep dish Southern Sweet Potatoe Pie recipe I'll share it with you!! My childhood Georgia memories of her pie are amazing (my mouth is really watering now!)!

    Blessings and Hugs! :))

  8. I love comeing here because your posts are always so full of happy...great family you got. ☺

  9. Hi Groggy: :)

    Love that! Like you, they can call me anything... it doesn't matter! Like our kids now tell us..'what happened to you?'... you have gotten completely soft! They are sure that we were not like this when THEY were kids!! :)


  10. I'm late but Birthday blessings to the precious birthday girl! What beautiful photos of your dear family.

    Treasure every moment as I know you do my friend.

    Love you and I'm counting it all joy right along with you.


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