Random Smiles!

I heard a good quote this week: “Repentance is a gift from God. It’s like taking a shower for our soul.” Tiz Huch

I smile when my husband comes home from the grocery store with boxes of cereal I would never eat if you tied me down and forced me and then he only eats my granola! I’m looking for a good homemade granola recipe.

Even though I gave a lot away, containers of Granny Smith apples fill my kitchen counters. I made an apple streusel yesterday. The recipe is on my cooking blog. This season, I received an apple corer gift and it speeds up the slicing. Plus it’s fun to use!

We ate the streusel dessert while watching Dancing with the Stars last night. My favorite dancer is Kurt Warner! Talk about a smile.

Fall has been delayed in Arizona this year. I did see a few yellow leaves on the Cottonwood trees by the river. Big deal. Temps are supposed to drop and rain is predicted this week. My thoughtful brother-in-law knows I love autumn. He sent me a photo from Chicago that he snapped. I feel loved that he did that!

This is the season for fall festivals and I attended one in the town where I work. Besides carnival rides, art presentations and tons of food, my favorite is strolling through the booths. I found a cute brown apron that made it into my daughter’s bag of birthday gifts. She loved it!

We enjoyed having Amy and her hubby over for dinner last weekend for her birthday celebration. I made lasagna with a side of meatballs in sauce. The frozen white bread baked okay but turned out kind of bland so Amy put her new apron on and whipped up some garlic bread. She is so funny! I took a movie of her making her recipe and we had a good laugh. I warned her that I’m featuring it on my cooking blog and she was just grateful I didn’t post it on FB! I learned that if I want lots of help in the kitchen, aprons are a great gift.

I started reading through the Bible last October and just finished that particular study plan a few weeks ago. So now I’m on to something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I began to read The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order. I hope I can complete it by next October! It never ceases to amaze me how powerful God’s Word is, regardless of the reading plan.

I leave you today with a view of the Red Rocks of Sedona taken from a helicopter ride Amy’s husband gave her for her birthday gift today. Happy birthday to my first born!


  1. I really liked this post sis, thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday to beautiful Amy.

  2. So..it was the chef's birthday too! Happy Birthday and God bless her with His richest blessings!

    Sister Mary, I was so tired last night, I didn't even get to watch the 1st couple from DWTS. But those baked goodies look good!

    Yesterday, I bought some light caramel for the few remaining Granny Smith we had. It's just easier to dunk them than cover the whole apple!

    Beautiful pics! I'm enjoying my blog hop today...as it's pouring out there...But thanks be to God for giving us the much needed rain. God bless and keeping you in prayers. Thanks for yours. I surely feel 'em! :)

  3. What a fun post, Mary!

    I love the pictures! I wish I lived closer, I would definitely relieve you of some of those Granny Smith's!

    Your hubby and the granola made me smile. Mine does the same, says he doesn't like something, so I save it for me, and BINGO... it's gone!

    oh yeah!! I'm sure pulling for Kurt Warner in DWTS. I love how he includes his wife every chance he gets, and their testimony is so special.

    Okay... did I leave anything out?? :) Oh yes... love the apron!


  4. Your "fall" looks and smells beautiful to me. Enjoy each day, and God be close to you as your travel the change.


  5. P..... i forgot the most important part... I WANT some of that streusel!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Amy! What a special gift to go on a helicopter; love the view of Sedona.

    Mary, I smile each time I think of you friend. You really are a pile of smiles!

    Love you,

    PS I can't wait for cooler weather and some rain!!!

  7. 'A Shower for our Souls" ....Oh, I love that concept, Mary!

    How fun to share in your Amy's special moments ... Happy Birthday to Amy! And let the Good Times keep rolling!

  8. Happy b-day to Amy! And I dub you as the Apple Streudel Queen! My son asked for a Harry Potter Cookbook for his b-day - go figure?! Love to you and yours!

  9. So many beautiful things on this post. First of all the overall sense of joy and warmth. It touched my heart so! The fall photo, the red rocks, the lovely daughter in the brown apron, the streusel, the helicopter...

    And the story of having finished the whole bible in a year. I should aim to do the same. You have inspired me.


  10. Hey Mary!

    Love this fun and yummy post!! And belated Happy B'day to Amy!!!


  11. WOW my piles of beautiful smiles friend, there is a lot of mmmm good to the soul stuff in this message. Don't know where to start.

    Happy Birthday to Amy. Sorry I'm late.

    Beautiful photos!

    Would so love a slice of that apple streusel, a cup of coffee and a chat with you at your kitchen table or mine.

    I have to visit your cooking blog!

    Enjoy the Fall dear friend and your time in the WORD...nothing better than time in the WORD. Looking forward to any nuggets of wisdom you share as you journey in the Narrative Bible.

    Love you piles of smiles...my visits with you always make me smile.

    P.S. Hugs to that beautiful grandbaby!

  12. Sweet post. I enjoy cooking for my family and so I have developed a love for aprons! :)
    I have yet to see any fall colored trees here in my area too...boo! The weather gets better ever day though, hmm?


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