Why I Count it all Joy Wednesday!

I’m dedicating my post today to my family. Each one has brought so much joy to my life. God
blessed me with a family that is fun and wonderful. Angel at All The Mus hosts Why I Count it all Joy Wednesday. Stop by and visit the joyful posts!

My husband flew to San Diego last week and spent a few days with the kids. They went to the beach together and toured Seaport Village. Susanna loved having her Papa there to care for her when her mom had to be out and about. He colored with her, took her for walks and even changed her diapers. I am so proud of him.

I am proud of my daughter, Carrie, who is not only a great mom and teacher to Susanna but she’s learned so much this past year during difficult trials and tests. She is turning her pain into purpose and writes a blog about that here. While Papa babysat, she spoke to a crowd of 150 women sharing her faith at her church’s ladies night. It was awesome. I know some of you were praying. She was able to pray with women who need the Lord and His encouragement.

My daughter, Amy, is such a blessing. God has given her a strong gift of healing, and recently she needed healing in her own body. A nodule in her thyroid was biopsied and the results were not clear for weeks. She sent the slides to the Mayo Clinic and finally the report came back that it was benign. Amy’s husband is celebrating his birthday today and I’m thankful he’s my son-in-law.

Susanna brings me joy on a daily basis. I love the photos her mom sends me. Here’s one where she is sporting her mom’s headband.

Thank you, dear friends, for your loving support and prayers for my family this past year. Your kindness is a gift bringing us joy and upholding our faith. May God meet your every need and bless you extravagantly. I thank God for the joy of your friendship.


  1. What a wonderful JOY list!! Love that your hubby went to take care of that grandbaby, so sweet!! Pictures are great, such beautiful girls!!
    Love you my joyful friend!!

  2. Oh I love this Joyful post Mary! Your family is just precious and I know you treasure and hold them so very dear in your heart! The Lord truly has blessed you with each one!

    Love you

  3. You have a beautiful family, Mary. Just love little Susanna, she is so cute.

    Thanks for your comment on my peanut post. In regards to Susanna--does she have problems with any other foods, other than meats and dairy? The only reason I ask is that lactose intolerance in children her age is rare (not impossible though!)and sometimes symtoms of lactose intolerance can be very similar to those of an allergy. Ace outgrew a soy allergy about a year ago and had trouble with beef b/c soy is often used as a texturizer.

    With that said, if she does well with other foods, I wouldn't worry too much about her not wanting to eat meat. My kiddos will eat chicken nuggets but won't touch grilled chicken because of the texture. Same for beef... they'll eat ground beef but not hamburger patties. You just never know what these little ones are going to do-- I can empathize with your daughter, our oldest is a very picky eater.

    So much to be thankful for... love this post.


  4. Special to get to meet your sweet family as you counted each of them joy! Thanks so much for sharing, Mary.

  5. Mary, I love how you posted those photos. They were so good too. That really was special that your husband spent some time in San Diego with your daughter and grandbaby. Great bonding times!

    Hugs and love,

  6. I think of all the blogging posts, psotos are among the top favorites of mine. These are precious Mary, and you have reason to 'count it all joy!'... They are precious!


  7. oh BROTHER! I just re-read what I wrote... make that PHOTOS... not psotos!! :(

  8. Oh yes .... joy! (I love the way that word sounds in my mouth when I say it out-loud .... Joy!)
    So heartened to glimpse how Susanna is growing and glowing!

  9. Praying for God to continue to bless your precious family. Happy Birthday to your son in-law. I love you.

  10. Wow, what a beautiful tribute to your family!! I am sure they appreciate you and count you as a blessing as well!!

    So glad you stopped by today. Hope you'll visit again soon. :)
    Big Fat Mama

  11. Your heart-filled thoughts here along with such precious precious pictures of your family brings a broad smile across my face beautiful friend...you always make me smile and I love your loving faithful heart!

    Love you,

  12. Wow, what a beautiful family!!! You are so blessed...and what a wonderful post!

  13. Family...a wonderful gift from the Lord. But not all have a close, loving relationship. Your family is truly special because the love of the Lord is shining in each of you. God bless you sister Mary and protect all of you. Thank you for all the wonderful pics you shared. And glad to hear that your daughter's biopsy was negative. PTL!


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