Why I Count It All Joy Wednesday!

How much does God love it when His children raise their hands in praise and acknowledge joy in everyday life? That’s what I’m choosing to do by connecting with Angel, at All the Muse, where joy abounds!

The summer rainstorms have been hitting my state and last Friday, it was rainy all day and cooler. I baked two peach pies to take to my Life Group that night and another pie for Mark and Amy, our kids who live nearby. What joy to share my harvest! The peaches are delicious this year!

On Monday, I accompanied my daughter, Amy, to her doctor in Flagstaff, a mountain town up north. Afterward, we enjoyed lunch at an old hotel built in 1900. It was cool and the rain gently fell as we ate in the lovely atmosphere of the old Victorian dining room with a backdrop of gently falling rain outside! I was in my element. Amy said my face was shining with delight! When we left to walk back to our car parked two blocks away, the thunder and lightening became near. Then it got even closer. Then the torrential rain fell. When we got back to the car, we were soaked. We laughed so hard and loved the experience. Joy!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to dab my blog with smidgeons of San Diego. We’ve got a little role reversal going on here and this time it was my husband who flew out for the week to see our daughter, Carrie, and granddaughter, Susanna. I'm managing the office and taking care of the ranch! He sent me some cute photos this morning of Susanna posing for him in one of her new hats.

These days that Carrie shares with her father are memory makers. I’m enjoying time spent with my heavenly Father! I leave you with these verses:

“And he will call out to me, ‘You are my Father, my God, and the Rock of my salvation.” Psalm 89:26


  1. Thanks for sharing your joy. I love dear Susanna's hat. She looks cute in red.

  2. Susanna is adorable, and hamming it up for the camera.
    Wish we had some of that cooler weather.

  3. Mary, we only had one short burst of rain and that was it. Please send the rain down to Phoenix. :)
    I love the rain and cooler temps.

    That's wonderful that your husband is spending time with his girls.

    Much love to you,

  4. Love your JOY!! Those peaches look yummy!! We will be driving through your neck of the woods Friday on our way to San Diego! YAY!!

    That baby girl sure is a cutie!!

    I am JOYful that you join me in spreading the JOY every week!!

    Love and Blessings

  5. very enJOYable post that brought a smile to my face more than once! Thank you! I needed that!

  6. You are so right! The grandpa time is necessary for ALL of you! We had one of our 6 grandkids overnite and to the huge outdoor monthly flea market an hour from here today... They had so much fun together, it was neat for me to see the younger and the older generation really bonding as they walked along together! Also, the time for YOU is good too... to have a little break when you can kind of decide what to do with your 'extra' time!

    We are blessed!

  7. Thank you for sharing your joyful post. Your granddaughter is adorable! It's nice your husband is spending time with her and your daughter. Peach pie sounds so delicious. Enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  8. Susanna is so cute. I am waiting for my little grandbaby to be born in late August. The doctor told us today she is due around the fourth week. I am counting it all joy too.
    Your sister in Christ,

  9. That's so beautifully unselfish, encouraging Tom to spend some quality time w/ Carrie and Susanna ... wouldn't you love to be a little mouse in the corner?!
    Your new profile pix is great!

  10. Look at all those yummy peaches!!
    And what a little sweetie she is! :)
    Sending sunshine your way...

    xo Deborah

  11. I'm always looking forward to Wednesdays and Fridays...Wednesdays:you get to share what joy means in your life...Fridays: you give us "joy" when you make us laugh until our dentures fall!

    What a bountiful harvest! Looked so yummy! And Susanna...always so adorable...

    Glad you had a fun time with your daughter...despite the rain. Rain...Water...Always wash down our worries...Like how the Living Water wash our tears away. God bless you sister Mary...You make me look forward to your next posts...I get so antsy :) But with a good kind...

  12. WOW ~ that is lots of peaches!!

    Your Susanna is just so precious! So glad you sweet honey was able to go and visit !! What a treat for his girls and him!!

    Love you!

  13. Precious sister,

    Your grandbaby is just adorable every time I see her!!! Enjoy your time with Abba Father as your hubby enjoys time with your daughter and grand daughter.

    Praying for your family this moment. I love you!!!

    P.S. Can't wait for the day for us to make peach pie together while sharing about the LORD!! mmmm good!!!

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