Spiritual Sundays ~ Today Could Be The Day

We were surprised last weekend. Out of the blue, our boss walked through the front door of our office. The man is a legend in Arizona being one of the top most successful businessmen in the state. It has been a privilege to be on his sales team over the last fifteen years. His business locations spread out all across the state and none of his managers ever know when he may decide to pop in for a visit. Consequently, it pays to dress according to code and keep the office running efficiently as well as making sure the product is polished and presentations are sharp! I don’t want to be caught off guard.

I was prepared last Saturday. I loved his compliments of our sales lot. I loved even better the meal that we all shared together at the restaurant after work!

It’s like that in my spiritual life, too. Jesus said that He is coming back for me and I better be ready. Will He find me faithful to what He’s entrusted to me? Will He find me clean in thought and deed? He better not find me snoozing, but being about my Father’s business! I look forward to feasting at that big table too! Hope to see you there; we’ll have a great time together.

Keep a sharp lookout!
For you do not know when I will come,
at evening, midnight, early dawn or late daybreak.
Don't let me find you sleeping.
Watch for my return!
This is my message to you and to everyone else!
Mark 13:35-37

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  1. O Wow...this is so amazing...you have no idea how much I needed to hear this message...what a comparison!!! Thank you for this post!

  2. How true your words are Mary! We must always be ready and not like the maidens who didn't have enough oil for their lamps.

    Love and hugs,

    PS I spoke with Kathleen on the phone the day before she left. I was so sad to see her go but I think it is best for her.

  3. Thanks for sharing this story. This is a powerful illustration of a great truth. We need to be ready.

  4. This is a good message to hear everyday! Are we ready? As long as we keep Jesus by our side, we don't have to worry about missing the boat.

  5. what a beautiful analogy! thanks for posting this...how very true!!

  6. What a great post dear one. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  7. Great analogy. Will be looking for you at the big table. :-)

    Linda J

  8. What a good and true message. We always have to be ready for he will come at any time.

    Found your blog on Mevely's blog. She is so wonderful.


  9. I love your analogy sis Mary. And the reminder of what we must do daily. It's about Him. God bless you and protect you all always. Love to you.

  10. I pray that I am always looking for Him--good advice!

  11. Mary! This is sooo very true! May we be found being and doing our Fathers Business! I CANNOT wait to be with you @ HIS table! Worshipping our Lord together ~ OH MY what a GLORIOUS day it will be!

    Love you!!!

  12. Oh my - what wonderfully encouraging Bible verses and such a great analogy! Thank you so much for a sweet Spiritual Sunday. :)

  13. Amen, wisdom and truth shared in this post sis. I love and appreciate you.

  14. Great words, Mary! We must always be alert, ready and have hearts full of great anticipation!......YES, today could be the day!!

    Luv, Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

  15. Ah Mary ...
    I found this so in tune with my own "right-now" life. You've a wonderful gift for sharing these important lessons ... thank you!


  16. I hope I always be ready….great reminder.
    Sweet Blessings,

  17. I look forward to that great feast, too. I want to be ready! Thanks for the encouragement today.

  18. Like a thief in the night, He's coming, but we know the season is near. Sobering message today.

  19. Great point. We need to always be ready for His return. It can come at any time. We make plans for many things and sometimes neglect the most important things of all.

  20. What a great post today. We need to be ready always.
    God Bless,

  21. What a great post, and so true. It reminds me of the old song, "I Wish We'd All Been Ready." Thank you for sharing!

  22. eternal perspective again... seems I am seeing this everywhere these days! I know I am feeling it for sure...


  23. It sure puts a whole new spin to the concept of intentional living, doesn't it? I long for His return; expect it at any moment ... yet I wonder sometimes how low is the oil in my lamp?

    Life is so much grander when lived in the light of this amazing fact. When at long last we hear that trumpet call, NONE of what ails us here will matter one iota.



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