Ten on Tuesday!

1. I really do love winter, but I got my heating (propane) bill for the last six weeks and it’s a killer. So, we’re busy chopping firewood at my house.

2. You know it’s a cold winter when you have to bundle up in San Diego, too. Susanna was caught on film going to the park last week on a cold, rainy day. Notice the book on prayer in her hands

She’s a chip off the old block, her mamma being a mighty prayer warrior and I, too, like to get on board when it comes to storming the heavenlies. Generational blessings!

3. I took my hubby to the VA Hospital in Prescott for a medical procedure last week. He got a kick out of my observance of the place. “Are we in the jungles of Viet Nam?” I asked as we walked down the long corridors. I saw guys with (thinning) long pony tails and others with gray braids all the way down their backs. I expected to hear Bob Dylan on the piped in music system singing “Mr. Tambourine Man” or worse, Jefferson Airplane singing “White Rabbit.”

4. I received a neat email about natural ingredients found in most kitchens that can be used for healing. So now I am applying fresh lemons to my age spots. It’s suppose to lighten them after time. Remember, I’m from the Viet Nam era…

5. Reading through the Bible this year, I reflected yesterday on Mark 15:43 which describes Joseph of Arimathea as “one who was looking for the Kingdom of God.” What a reputation.

6. I’m thankful for answers to prayer this week. Both my husband and my daughter’s husband got good health reports. Two blogger friends received healing in their bodies. I give Him praise.

7. Here’s a thought that gripped me on a girl’s blog this week: In the midst of praising God, you can praise the hurt away.

8. I like it when everyone is out of the office and I’m left alone with the place to myself. But last Wednesday, I saw a gray “thing” fly across the hall and into the Sales Manager’s office as I sat at the front desk. The droppings near the kitchen wastebasket revealed that a critter moved in among us. A mousetrap was set over the weekend. Got him!

9. Here’s something I need to improve on: taking life less seriously and having more fun. The morning I drove to Prescott, I was peaceful and unhurried. I made a mental note to take my camera out of my briefcase and stick it in my purse. Did I remember to do that? No. Instead I did the dishes. So here I was driving in the mountains covered with white, fluffy snow and beauty everywhere and I have no camera! But the breakfast dishes were cleaned.

10. I leave you with an important challenge: your legacy. During last Friday’s Life Group discussion, our leader, Jeannie, asked: “What will be said about you by your family and friends after you are gone?” I think the answer to that lies in our passion. Most said “that I loved the Lord.” In my opinion, that’s a given. Those of us who believe in the claims of Christ should be passionate followers. But what, specifically, will be said of you and me? Something to ponder for some, others of us may know well what we live for each and every day.


  1. Busy here but just want to drop by and leave a warm hello. Cute Susanna and what a prayer warrior! Some blessed genes produced from seeking the Lord! What an inheritance that is! Glory to God!

    I love your list, making me smile here with some. That lemon? Tried that before for my age spots, too. But not fun as it's sour and irritated my 90 yr.old complexion. It felt like I marinated my face! :) If I go out into the sun, there you go! I'm toasted!

    Love that challenging question with the last one. Thought provoking. Especially now that I'm 90...Hmmm...I just pray that people would be crying, not laughing when I exit! It could be both: tears of joys knowing me and of sadness because hopefully, they'd miss me terribly! Blessings and love to you sister!!!

  2. Thank you for your list.  I so appreciate also your encouraging comments on my blog.  Helps tremendously!  Much appreciated!  Blessings.

  3. Mary,

    Loved the last question and I would like to think they would agree that I loved the Lord with all my heart, showed it each and every day and encouraged others as well.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Susanna is adorable....she is definitely a chip off the old block!

    Love your analogy of the Vietnam vets! Hope your hubby is doing well.

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  5. You are so blessed to live near Prescott! It's just beautiful there.

    I'll have to give that lemon thing a try...

  6. Lemon juice? Really? Pass on the tips sister; my age spots are beginning to multiply!

    Loved reading more about you.


  7. What a cute baby girl!!

    so glad spring's a comin'!!!

  8. That picture of Susanna is adorable and it is so very interesting that she has a prayer book in her hand. I would definitely say you have passed down a legacy a couple of generations. :)

  9. Thank you for dropping by and following me...I love your blog and the Ten on Tuesday! So fun! I love the many points of praise! Thank you for sharing the beautiful embrace of our Father revealed in your own life..so beautiful!


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