Ten on Tuesday

1. I’ve been thinking about how selling is similar to evangelism. Both offer a persuasive message.

2. Great blood pressure readings for me lately. The resting heart rating went down probably due to getting back to exercise…walking in the park a few days a week to my exercise music….but now my right knee is acting up.

3. I watched the movie, “Grease” again over the weekend and now I’m singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You…” to Jesus all the time. I’m no Olivia Newton John, but He doesn’t care.

4. I talked to my oldest daughter, Amy, yesterday who got all dressed up and attended the Academy Awards Sunday night while I stayed home and watched it in my pajamas. The Sedona Film Festival featured the Oscars complete with a red carpet entrance, horsd'oeuvres, desserts, giveaways and raffles in the Harkins Theatre in Sedona. Amy agreed with me that Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech was good. However, I think the award goes to the family Blindside was about.

5. I really love all the rain we’re getting in the higher elevations of the desert. Reports say we might even get snow tonight!

6. I am proud of Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick from my state of Arizona who introduced a bill to cut pay for members of Congress by five percent. This is her idea of decreasing the national debt. Leading by example, she removed five percent of her pay.

7. Speaking of decreasing, I spent days working on my Yahoo email program. My husband nagged me for months to get rid of such a large number of mail, 825. It took me some time, but I got the number down to 35! And, I found wonderful jokes. Can’t wait until more Friday Funnies to share them.

8. This was my most interesting dream this last week: I walked into a new beauty salon and was seated in front of the mirror. The stylist cut my hair before, but I asked her “How do you suggest I wear my hair?” which I always do. She said “Like you have been wearing it, because you now have the hang of styling it,” like she always says! Humph…what does this mean?????

9. I joined Lisa’s online Book Club at Hospitable Pursuits. She announced the next read and I immediately called the local library to see if it’s available. I would have to be placed on the waiting list. Get this…there are 41 waiting to read the book. I told the librarian I need to start reading it NOW so I can get it read in time for Lisa's book club next month! She suggested that if I purchase it, I should donate it to the library after I read it. Now there’s a girl with chutzpa. (The Book Club button is on my sidebar if you are interested in participating.)

10. A great tip on prayer from Tiz Huch in her book, No Limits, No Boundaries:
As you read scriptures of God’s covenant of blessing, insert your own name to personalize His promises. By involving yourself verbally and emotionally—by taking ownership of the truth, you’re going to leap from 30 percent to 90 percent absorption and retention of what you read in the scriptures. You will be an engaged learner of the Word.


  1. Sue,

    Love this list. How lucky for your daughter to have the opportunity to attend these award shows. I too, have found that inserting my name in God's word really makes a difference in how I apply it to my life.

    Please stop by my blog today to enter in the final chances for this weeks giveaway if you have time!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Hi Mary,
    I stopped by to read your post and I really enjoyed your list. God makes all the difference in our lives, doesn't He? I love Him so much!
    I am hosting a tea today and I would love to have you stop by for a sip. Hope you are having a beautiful week.


  3. great ten on Tuesday. I think you should cut your hair like Tiz Huch. Then what kind of dreams would have have???

    haha just kidding,

  4. Hey Mary!
    Loved this list! #2 is my fav - singing Hopelessly devoted to Jesus!!

    Luv personalizing scripture......The Word is not only alive, it 's alive with my name in it!! "Talking" to me, about me!!

    And uh, lol at Carrie's comment re Tiz Huch hair.....to each his/her own!!

    Praying for you and yours!

    He is Faithful!
    Sweet Blessings!

  5. Enjoyed your list. Glad your blood pressure is better, praying for your knee to feel better. I love you.

  6. I always place myself into Scripture, whether a promise or not. I try and make everything in God's Word applicable to my life! Sounds like you're in a season of shedding some stuff--high blood pressure, e-mails! Not a bad way to live... a season of decrease. Thanks for leading by example.


  7. Great list sister! But it's sad on no.1...When people being offered to with the Good News don't realize it's "free"...God bless and protect you always.

    Happy for no.2...I started walking more and my bp readings had gone down too...And like you, my right knee gives me limitations sometimes...Not so much with pain, but with crepitus, feeling like the ligament is tight...Oh well, it's expected with a 90 years young like me :)

  8. What a full post! I loved it! You let us in on so many of the wonderful things that are going on in your life. Your daughter got to go to the Academy awards? How exciting!! And I am glad that your health is improving! Good for you on the exercise thing. Now if only I could get motivated too. :)


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