Remembering Elizabeth

For as long as I’ve know her, Elizabeth was notorious for being late. Last weekend, I attended her memorial service, scheduled ten weeks after her death. I learned it was planned that way because her husband and her boys were considerate of relatives and didn’t want them traveling afar frantically during the holidays. What was neat was that they held her Celebration of Life on her birth date. She would have been 58. Very nice touch, I thought.

Elizabeth was in our Yada Yada Book Club and we ladies cherished her gentle spirit. She loved Jesus with a passion.

Elizabeth is on the top row, far right.

I remember when we read a Christian fiction novel where one of the characters meticulously planned her future memorial service. The gal knew how she wanted to be remembered. Our book club discussion that day focused on our own legacies and we shared what we personally would want if we could plan our own service! Elizabeth shared that it would be important to her that her service be worshipful. She didn’t care about the details but wanted the Lord to be glorified, especially in the music.

In the midst of a fully-packed church in Sedona last Saturday, Elizabeth got her wish. Family and friends gathered from all over the country to honor her memory. My Yada Yada Sisters and I agree…the music, scriptures, testimonies and praises brought glory to the One Elizabeth worshipped and adored. She would have been pleased.

I close with a question all of us should ponder from time to time. Can others see Jesus in me? As Elizabeth would say, “It’s all about Him!”


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your dear friend.

  2. So young. I'm sure you miss her. She sounds like she was a beautiful lady inside and out! But isn't she blessed to be with Jesus right now!!
    Hugs to you my friend.

  3. Beautiful tribute!!

    My dear, I see Jesus every time I see your beautiful smile. Your heart pours out HIS love through your smile. I am thankful GOD brought you into my life.

    Hugs, andrea

  4. I love this picture sister Mary! You can just feel the love that you share between each other. And your warm and tender words about your friend proved it. There is nothing like that unity that comes from His love.
    Life is indeed so short and I'm sure you miss her. She's right. It's all about Him...God bless you all.

  5. Oh Mary! What a blessing she is and was! I love it when HE gets the glory even when people are not here with us but have joined HIM! It truly is all about HIM and I thank God that each time I see your face or read your words you shine brightly for HIM in every way!

    Love you

  6. What a beautiful way to bring tribute to her life!!! I pray that people see Jesus in me. :)

  7. Oh wow, this brought tears to my eyes ... how blessed you were to have known such a Lady!
    I'm captivated and curious about your "Yada, Yada" group ... please tell us more some day?!

  8. That is so precious Mary. I want to cry. I can't imagine losing one of my friends, but I can relate that all of us would want it to be a celebration of Jesus and His goodness!

    I'm sorry about your loss friend.

  9. Mary, what a beautiful tribute to your friend.

    I've had two best friends pass on to Glory and even though it was really tough I know that they are with Him....worshiping and rejoicing before the King!!

    I love the picture - what a time ya'll must have!!

    You bless me!!

    Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

  10. And I greatly appreciate your previous post...will visit Kat's blog to find out more.


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