Did I Retreat or Advance?

I’ve been feeling the tug in my spirit for days. I yearned to be alone with Him. Every once in a while I get that way. Where would I go to draw away with my Lord? A storm moved in and covered the surrounding mountains with snow. Even if I had the money to drive to another town and find a hotel, it would not be safe weather-wise. But God helped me. He must have wanted to be with me as much as I longed to be with Him. When I got home from work on Monday night, it was stormy, cold and my phone was dead. No computer. The Qwest repairman would not come until the next afternoon. A quiet Tuesday was handed to me on a platter. Even Baby, my screeching cocktail shut up. I cooked no meals and the housework was minimal. Silence…and Jesus.

It’s so wonderful to pray without interruption in complete silence in the comfort of my home. I listened for the Lord’s direction. I studied Exodus 17 and focused on Moses interceding in the battle against the Amelikites with his hands supported high. God gave him the victory against those descendants of fleshy Esau. Moses built an altar to God thanking Him and honoring Him for this victory. We know the Lord here as Jehovah Nissi, our banner. In days of war, the banner called the people together for battle. Actually it was a pole that glistened and it meant “rally to God.”

Yesterday, I was reminded that I have victory over my flesh. It’s there for the taking. I heard a word as I prayed…”Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” I yearn to draw away with Him more often. I enjoy the peace and quiet. This could be as addicting as blogging on my computer.

Rallying to God: think of how wonderful it sounds!


  1. This is so beautiful that God in all His infinite wisdom has a plan to satisfy that which you need and desire. What a great way to view it as well.

    Some might see this as an inconvenience and you see it as a blessing!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Hi Mary,
    I love it when one can see a blessing in an otherwise inconvenient situation! God wanted to meet with you as badly as you wanted to meet with Him! You are loved and His beloved! Have a lovely evening.


  3. Thanks for the reminder of what I need to do. Blessings ~

  4. What a beautiful, precious "retreat" with the Lord!

    Your special time with Him made my heart yearn for a set apart time with Him as well. I believe your words are confirming what the Spirit is speaking to my heart..........put "things" on hold and steal away with Him!

    Thanks for spurring me on dear friend!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  5. Yes it is true! His presence is very addictive! I think that is the only good addiction though! :)

  6. Hi Sweet Smiling Friend,

    This is such a refreshing post for me to read. We all need that special time with the Lord...every single day. I've backed away from my computer many times due to having that alone time with Him as He always comes first doesn't He?

    I love you my special friend. You always bring joy and a smile to my heart.

    My prayers are always being said for you and your precious family.

    Big Hugs,

  7. "This could be as addicting as blogging on my computer." That's the only addiction that I would be your no.1 supporter!

    Amen to this post sister Mary. Take good care of yourself and have a great weekend. God bless and love to you.


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