Spiritual Sunday

This, of course, is not a picture of my dinner table taken on Thanksgiving! It is a table set in the presence of my enemies, a favorite verse of mine in Psalm 23:5. Matthew Henry comments about this verse:

The Lord's people feast at his table, upon the provisions of his love. Satan and wicked men are not able to destroy their comforts, while they are anointed with the Holy Spirit, and drink of the cup of salvation which is ever full.

Thank you, Charlotte and Ginger, for hosting Spiritual Sundays, a place of great encouragement.


  1. Oh Wow! I would so love to have a table that big for all of my family to sit at and eat together at one time. That is absolutely beautiful!

    Love the comments from Matthew Henry though. That is an awesome way to picture the truth of that verse. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Mary!

  2. He brought me to His banqueting table
    His banner over me is love.
    We reside under the banner. Yahoo!

  3. That is a wonderful feast and one set for the King of Heaven.

    Yoli :)

  4. What a perfect picture for a great scripture. I'm glad you clarified that the dinner table was not yours, that was cute:)
    Have a beautiful day,

  5. Great. Wonderful message and well illustrated.

  6. Thanks for that picture and verse, Dear. I hope your daughter is well now.

  7. That pic? I'll just say "wow!" But we can only imagine what the Lord is preparing for us.Since you mentioned Ps.23:5, in ancient Eastern culture, it was customary to anoint a person with a fragrant oil as a lotion at a banquet. Hosts were expected to protect their guests at all cost!

    So, you're right, with your prayer request, your daughter is in the safest hands! For God offers the protection of a Host even when enemies surround us. He promises to guide and protect us throughout our lives and to bring us into His house forever...Victory is hers! In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen.
    Love to you sister... Someday, I may be sitting right next to you in that big table!!! What a feast it would be. Indeed! God bless.

  8. Eyes have not seen; ears have not heard what is prepared for those who love the Lord.

  9. A feast for the eyes! And what a day that will be to sit and sup with our Lord! A powerful picture and scripture. Thanks for sharing.


  10. How wonderful to be a child of the King and to be able to sit at His table.

  11. Precious, Precious Friend,

    This was oh so beautiful.

    I was visiting Rosel's site and I want you to know that I am praying for your daughter and that all goes well tomorrow according to God's will.

    I love you my dear sister.

    Peace, Blessings & Prayers to you always,

  12. Mary,

    What a wonderful verse and thankyou for sharing the commentary.....

    I am on my way to Rosels after reading the comments but I know and am praying for tomorrow!! Trusting in HIS Faithfulness, HIS perfect timing and for HIS TRuth to go forth!!

    Love you Mary

  13. Hey Mary!
    Love the beautiful table and Matthew Henry's commentary.

    Standing with you and your daughter dear friend!

    This is the scripture that I stood upon when I went through a very similar situation and I'm standing upon it for you!.......

    "God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her and that right early". Psalm 46:5

    Please keep me posted.

    He is Faithful!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  14. One day - perhaps very soon - we WILL sit down at a table such as this for a glorious Thanksgiving with our Savior. Won't that be a day!



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