A Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Nov. 16

Outside My Window...a tree lined canyon that allows a wonderful cross breeze in the home.

I Am Thinking...about Pastor Miles McPherson's sermon at the Rock Church yesterday and how he described Jesus as the living logos, the living word and how every need, every answer to any situation or relationship is found in the Bible.

I Am Thankful For...my daughter's neighbors on this street and how they all help one another like one big caring family!

I Am Wearing...my grey sweatpants and a coral tee shirt. No shoes!

I Am Remembering...the conversation I had with my DH yesterday afternoon on the phone. He found a seller of a used crib at church and purchased it. However, it needs assembling and he wasn't too thrilled about all the pieces layed out on the back deck while we were on the phone.

I Am Going...to a puppet show at the San Diego library for toddlers tomorrow.

I Am Reading...The Overcomer's Anointing by Barbara J. Yoder.

I Am Hoping...that my daughter, my friends and my blogger sisters who are in pain will get well quickly. I continue to pray for each one of them.

On My Mind...thinking how nice it will be to get out in the sun at Mission Beach with the baby this afternoon!

I Am Learning...that God's timing is not my timing and His ways are not my ways.

Noticing That...many Americans are getting involved politically to keep our consititution and freedoms intact.

Pondering These Words..."Therefore, when darkness comes over you, you can be sure that God is making something new because His new things are always conceived and developed in darkness." Barbara Yoder

From The Kitchen...a turkey-mushroom casserole and a plan to make homemade Challah bread tonight.

Around the House...toys and children's books...makes me feel young again.

One of My Favorite Things...the high speed of take off in the plane at the airport. It was fun landing, too, this time with a window seat and seeing Balboa Park and the Zoo in practically arm's reach!

From My Picture Journal...

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  1. I enjoyed dropping by and reading your day book. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Ms. Susanna's smile makes all things well. She definately has grandmother's great big smile!
    Blessings, hugs, and many prayers, andrea

  3. Love your picture of Susanna, I mean seriously how could that little one not make your day just a little more brighter.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Enjoyed your daybook, and precious Susanna's beautiful smiles.

  5. I hear peace and joy in your journal today! Which brings a BIG SMILE!! to my heart :)

    Thankyou for your prayers ~ I soooo felt them today!

    What a wonderful street your daughter has been placed on by the Lord for the Word tells us even our location (homes) are determined by HIM :) What a gift HE has bestowed upon her!

    I am soo glad you are there able to help with it all..What peace that must give your sweet daughter so that she can just heal!

    Bless you Mary and I will be praying for you DH to enjoy putting that crib together for his sweet Susanna....She is just a DOLL!

  6. You had that cutest and best finale to this post!!!So glad that everything worked okay with you seeing your daughter and gbaby. Praying that your daughter is feeling better. Everything is awesome in your post today! Take care sister and have a blast in San Diego! Love to you.

  7. Hey Mary!

    Loved reading about your day! When you add it all up you can just see how good He is!!

    And Susanna - one word - PRECIOUS!! (and I'm gonna have one of those precious one's someday too, PTL!)!!

    Keeping you and yours in prayer!! He is Faithful!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  8. I so enjoyed my visit and I loved that precious photo! What a cutie.

    Enjoy the puppet show and great words of truth that Pastor spoke about Jesus, the Living Word -- LOGOS.

    Love ya.


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