Friday Funnies

Thanks to Kim for hosting Friday Funnies so we can all have a few laughs! Today's entry is a video of my family. Aunty Amy is playing Patty Cake with Susanna. Watch what happens. We cracked up! Have a great Friday, everyone.


  1. Oh no! She got clocked! LOL.
    Too funny!
    Happy Friday to you my sweet friend.

  2. That's so funny! Right in the eyeball! LOL
    P.S. I love seeing your smiling face at the top of your page, it makes me smile back at you everytime! :)

  3. Poor thing...Susanna trying to knock mom out. HAHAHA.

    Hope you are doing well.
    Love, hugs, and prayers, andrea

  4. Aren't children just the sweetest and most unpredictable things in all the world. What a blessing. Wonderful memories. Hugs, Marty

  5. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Friday Funnies! Priceless!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. I can laugh today my sister that's why I headed over here...finally...That was awesome, I mean, not the auntie being poked, but Susanna! :)

    My son for the 1st time last night slept well and there was no more headache this morning. Just want to take this opportunity to thank you [not even the right word to say] for constantly keeping us in your prayers. Love you sister Mary and have a wonderful time with your family, especially with Susanna. If I were you, I would wear glasses or shades if you play "Patty Cake" with her :)

  7. oh Mary she is just precious!!! Best Friday Funny EVER!!

    Thanks for letting us have fun with you all

    Love you!!

  8. LOL How extremely cute!!! I love coming here on Fridays. You always make me laugh.

  9. Susanna doesn't know her own strength. You go girl baby! LOL.

    Sending hugs to you today Mary.


  10. My granddaughter almost broker her other grandmother's nose doing something like that!

    God bless,

  11. Oh, my goodness! I know that hurt, but it was really cute!

    Thank you for making me smile this evening.

    Blessings to you,


  12. The girl's got a mean right punch! LOL Hope Aunty Amy isn't seeing stars anymore! THIS was a great Friday Funny, I'm tellin' ya!


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