Thankful Thursday ~ His Masterpiece

For we are God's masterpiece, created in the Messiah Jesus to do good works that God prepared long ago to be our way of life. Eph 2:10

Laurie, Women Taking a Stand, is hosting Thankful Thursday today and encouraging us to consider who God says we are in His Word, which is his “masterpiece.”

When the circumstances in my life seem out of control, I feel like anything but His masterpiece. However, God knew us in the womb. He approved of us. He chose us; we are handpicked by God himself. He has a special purpose uniquely designed for each one of us. If we keep our focus on Him and do not lose faith, His plan for us will come to pass. Nothing can stop it! And it will be a good plan! I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful for the masterpieces this week that were placed in my life. Our church is participating in a week of 7 days of 24 hours of prayer. I was in the sanctuary early Tuesday morning for my appointed hour. It was quiet, and I had just finished telling the Lord how wonderful He is. I stopped talking and relaxed in His presence when this swirl of peace stirred the inner core of my being. If I had to describe it, I might tell you it was like eating a thousand peppermints. I didn’t want to move. The spirit of God gripped my soul. I could have sat there all day embracing the Lord’s touch and approval.

I had lunch this week with my friend, Sue. She had just put on a women’s retreat in our area and could have shared 200 things about this wonderful time with the women, but what she shared was personal for me. Sue gave me a few tidbits of a testimony spoken by a mutual friend of ours, Peggy. Her testimony resulted from a similar test I am currently facing! I am thankful for the encouragement of this divine appointment. Sue had no idea; our conversation was spirit led.

I’m even thankful for my dental cleaning appointment this week. I cracked a tooth a few months ago and didn’t realize how vulnerable it was. I’m thankful for God’s protection and ask Him to keep protecting me until the crown I need is placed.

I invite you to thank God with me this Thursday for creating us as a special workmanship or masterpiece. You are highly favored by Him and so am I.


  1. I loved this my friend. It is such a treat when we actually slow down long enough to really experience His presence and like you said, I wouldn't want to move either! I'd want to stay there forever.
    Have a blessed Thursday sweet friend.

  2. "For we are God's masterpiece, created in the Messiah Jesus..." I'm letting it all sink in...Sometimes, it's like a slap on the face, "you realize that's who you are in Christ?" I'm glad you shared this truth today! Thank You Lord!

    Thank you for sharing that kind of peace that no exact word can express what you felt. Peace that only comes from the Lord. If we could enjoy that brief moment, can you imagine enjoying it for eternity? Can't thank You enough Jesus!

    In everything that you wrote, that was just a proof of how much He loves us and that He is always ever near. I've never enjoyed my morning coffee this much as I bask in His love. You blessed me sweet sister. Love you in Christ!

  3. His name is WONDERFUL. He's master of everything. Whew!

  4. Wonderful post on this Thankful Thursday! Realizing that we are His masterpiece is an awesome place to be and the more we soak in His presence, the more real this becomes to us. Happy TT!

  5. What a beautiful moment for you and the LORD and I could just feel it across the computer screen ~ it is still flowing in you Mary!

    You are HIS MASTERPIECE and I am so grateful for his infilling for you!

    Bless you and may the LORD continue to keep you and cause HIS face to shine on you!

    I love you soo!!

  6. Great post. I love how you describe your blessing...A thousand peppermints. You've stirred me to get with God, and feel his presence. God bless, and thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great thankful list Mary! We are His masterpiece! Can you even grasp the greatness of that! It is beyond our natural understanding.

    I don't think I have ever been thankful for the dentist. Maybe I should think about that and be thankful for that too. LOL

  8. I enjoyed your TT post! It is so encouraging to think that God has a plan for each of us, a purpose He has in mind for our lives when we are created.

    I LOVED the way you described the peace you felt.

  9. My Precious Sister & Friend,

    All I can say is "AWESOME".

    "I stopped talking and relaxed in His presence when this swirl of peace stirred the inner core of my being. If I had to describe it, I might tell you it was like eating a thousand peppermints. I didn’t want to move. The spirit of God gripped my soul."

    Being in the presence of our Almighty Father is life-changing and I loved how you described your experience above. Your experience touches me to the very depths of my soul. What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful time with the Lord.

    I love you ever so much my dear sister. My prayers are still with you.

    Love, Peace and ((((((Hugs))))),

  10. Boy I wish I had some of that peppermint peace!


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