Spiritual Sunday

Psalm 148

1 Give praise to the Lord. Let the Lord be praised from the heavens: give him praise in the skies.

2 Give praise to him, all you his angels: give praise to him, all his armies.
3 Give praise to him, you sun and moon: give praise to him, all you stars of light.
4 Give praise to him, you highest heavens, and you waters which are over the heavens.
5 Let them give praise to the name of the Lord: for he gave the order, and they were made.
6 He has put them in their places for ever; he has given them their limits which may not be broken.
7 Give praise to the Lord from the earth, you great sea-beasts, and deep places:
8 Fire and rain of ice, snow and mists; storm-wind, doing his word:
9 Mountains and all hills; fruit-trees and all trees of the mountains:
10 Beasts and all cattle; insects and winged birds:
11 Kings of the earth, and all peoples; rulers and all judges of the earth:
12 Young men and virgins; old men and children:
13 Let them give glory to the name of the Lord: for his name only is to be praised: his kingdom is over the earth and the heaven.
14 He has put on high the horn of his people, for the praise of all his saints; even the children of Israel, a people which is near to him. Let the Lord be praised.

The psalm says “old men and children” praise Him! We have been teaching Susanna to praise Jesus. So when we say “Praise Jesus!” her hand goes up whatever she is doing! It's fun to teach our grandchildren how to praise the Lord!

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  1. She is so adorable! It is never too early to start teaching our children and grandchildren to give praise to the Lord! Wonderful psalm you've chosen, too. Have a great week!


  2. How precious is that picture, and how wonderful you are teaching her to praise the Lord. You can't start too soon.
    We used to sing a song at church based on this scripture. It is a beautiful song. I don't remember the name of it now but I know the chorus goes like this. "Let them praises give Jehovah for his name alone is high, and his glory is exalted, far above the earth and sky."

  3. Susanna is adorable! Love to see her praise. Friday was Rosh Hoshana and I've been reading a few posts about this important Jewish holiday. CBN even has a telecast online with music and dancing that was wonderful. They used the shofar. I love learning about these customs and I remember you mentioned that you did too.

  4. Ah, yes! Teaching our children and grandchildren to praise God, is a joy. Little ones are so cute and can teach us a thing or two also. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday.


  5. AMEN! I love teaching our grandchildren about God. Cute~~ picture.

  6. She is so beyond cute, I love this praise post sweetie.

  7. I love that you capture her hand up in the air praising Jesus. Amen! What a precious little worshiper! So cute!!! Thank you for reminding us to always praise the One Who deserves it all. If Susanna can do it, so we can, too :) Love you sister and God bless.

  8. Good post. I read the comments of those getting here before me and they "said it all." Thanks for posting.

  9. What a sweetie! Love that she's learning to life up holy hands at her young age...may she continue to praise Him all her life! And the Lord is found among the praises of His people..

    God bless,

  10. Awesome picture of your grand-daughter praising Jesus...this is a keeper!

  11. This is the most precious Spiritual Sunday to date!!! As much as we feel the joy in our hearts and gush at this picture we can only imagine what the LORD does as he sees precious Susanna Praise HIM!!!

    Love you Mary!

  12. One day you'll be able to teach your grandchild about the love of God. How wonderful.

  13. What an adorable picture. I love to see the little one's lift their hands and praise The Lord.

  14. What a cutie pie! What a wonderful thing to teach her - to learn early to praise the Lord in all things!

    Sometimes in the day to day struggles we forget to praise Him - Yet in Scripture it says that ALL creation gives praise back to the Father!

    Thank you for this great reminder - I need to add more praise to my prayers!
    Blessings to you,

  15. Praise the Lord!
    Wonderful post. She is so cute.
    Have a blessed week.

  16. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow ...
    What an uplifting message you've shared ... coupled with Susanna's adorable face. Why it's like having a sweet, succulent cherry popped atop an already delicious treat.

    Enjoy your Today, my friend!

  17. A great thing to be teaching children! What a good habit this should be in our lives--great to start this habit at a young age!!

  18. Great post Mom! I'm glad you taught Sookie how to "praise Jesus" because frankly, sometimes she reminds me! There is nothing I've found that provides me more instant comfort than when I praise God with a song or just have his name on my lips. He is so faithful!

  19. Oh, now that is precious!

    So sweet!

  20. Beautiful Psalm, beautiful baby, beautiful post by a beautiful blogger! Praise Dee Lord!

  21. AMEN!!
    When we pray...we hold hands and at the end our Savannah claps her hands and says, "YEAAAAH"

    Thanks for your prayers. I feel them.
    Blessings, andrea


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