Lunch in Jerome

Jerome is a ghost town located in the Mingus Mountains in Arizona, 10 miles from our home. It is a mile-high city, just over 5,000 ft. high and it’s pretty at night when we see the lights in the distance. We refer to it as “the twinkling city in the sky”. Jerome was popular in its day as a mining town. My husband and I took the afternoon off and enjoyed walking around the town a few days ago.

We stopped for lunch at the Haunted Hamburger. It’s romantic to sit out on the outside deck and look out at the view of the Verde Valley.

I bought two flavors of fudge at one of the shops: Butter Pecan and Chocolate!

It was fun to get away from our routine and join the tourists!


  1. I am so glad you, and hubby enjoyed your day sweetie.

  2. Oh how fun and what a quaint place! And you are a woman after my own heart with the fudge!!! My favorites are peanut butter fudge and butter pecan!
    Hugs to you my sweet friend.

  3. Yummy~
    Glad you got away from the business and found a special spot to enjoy your day.
    Continuing to pray for you and yours!
    Love, hugs, prayers, and blessings, andrea

  4. So glad you and your hubby had fun and thank you for sharing about Jerome. The pictures are great, especially the one with you...

    Fudge...hmmm...drooling here :) Take care sister and happy Wednesday to you. Love and blessings to you.

  5. Awesome! It's always good to have a get away and relax and enjoy! Love the photos.

    Love you.

  6. Oh my goodness, Mary! 'Just last night I wrote to a blogging friend re. our trip to Sedona this weekend, asking if he'd ever heard of the "Haunted Hamburger"!!! (One of my co-workers recently spoke highly of it.)
    I've not been to Sedona in like 5 years and Jerome, never! Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to check it out.
    Love your pictures!


  7. Thank you for sharing about your lovely home!

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  8. What a fun day!!! God is sooo good and I am praising HIM for allowing you and your DH this special day!

    You are the melancholy!! ~ NO WONDER I LOVE YOU sooo much and are drawn to you ~ You are my gift as well :) Yep melancholy's are SERIOUS THINKERS ;)

    I gave you a gift today

  9. How wonderful that you had a charming day away from the office. It's a great restaurant. They have a chocolate cake that is out of this world that is called "The Tower". You must try it sometime.


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