Friday Funnies

Happy Friday everyone! This is a video of Redneck Water Skiing. Be sure, ya all head on over to Homesteader's Heart for more funnies!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That was hysterical! I so need to show that to my husband!
    Oh girl, thank you soooo much for that laugh!!!
    Happy Friday and sweet hugs to you!!

  2. Too funny!! I won't show my boys this, they would attempt it in an instant!

  3. Thanks for the laugh! That worked for them. Guess you don't have to go to the beach...Keeping you in prayers sister Mary. Hope all is well. God bless you and your family. Love to you. Have a great weekend too!

  4. Mary, I really needed a good laugh right now. Thank you for that! This was so funny watching boys be boys or maybe rednecks be rednecks. LOL.

    My husband told me that when he first moved to Phoenix in about 1957 he and his friends used to waterski on the AZ canals. They tied a rope and attached it to a car. Certainly can't do that nowadays.

    I'm thinking of you and continue to pray friend.

  5. Oh So Funny! I am laughing still! Thanks for that Mary!

  6. I knew something was up! I have been praying for you for weeks....You have been on my mind soooo much. I will pray more specifically now. LOVE YOU, andrea

  7. This video had me laughing out loud.. Very funny - thanks. Great video for a Friday!
    Love to you .

  8. this was crazy Mary....:)

    Love you and always praying!!

  9. I'm feeling fine. Thanks for asking sister...Please pray for me as I go to work tonight because I heard from my coworker that the flu had spread to some other inmate's housing as well. The Lord is my Shield, I will not be afraid.

    Thank you for your prayers sister Mary. I saw your comment at amazing salvation [sister Kelly's], I prayed again for you and your family. God bless. Love you sister.


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