Spiritual Sundays ~ Prodigal Horses

Four rebels showed up on my front lawn the other day when I woke up at the crack of dawn. With my cup of coffee in hand, I noticed I had company as I entered my prayer garden. The gate was open to the pasture across the street and my neighbor’s four miniature horses now grazed on my front lawn. The neighborhood was still sleeping, including my household. I was clueless as to how to lead these beautiful horses back home. I ran to get my camera and captured the moment!

No doubt I looked pretty silly at my attempts to accomplish my goal of shepherding. These waist-high horses would not follow me. Then the garbage truck turned down the corner to our street! They bolted with the sounds of the great roar! I dashed to wake the ranch hand and told him of my plight. About 30 minutes later, he found the horses and led them securely back home. Later, my neighbor, the owner of the ranch, got a kick out of my tale of woe. I made sure I told her I am Chicago born and raised so she wouldn’t judge that I’m a foolish country girl.

I rested in my prayer garden that morning contemplating the wanderlust of God’s children, of which I have a few on my prayer list. One definition of “wander” in the on line dictionary says it means “to go astray” as “wander from the path of righteousness.”

Our Father God is not clueless when it comes to roping His rebels back in. Jesus told a story of the true shepherd who leaves the 99 to go looking for the lost stray in Luke 15:4-7. I read a sermon by C.H. Spurgeon built around two main points from this scripture. 1) It was the shepherd himself, not a hired hand that went after the one lost sheep. It was a matter of his property that was lost and he was going to get it back. 2) The shepherd was filled with compassion. He couldn’t bear the thought of some lion or bear devouring the stray.

I find solace knowing as a member of Father God’s family, I am safe and secure. I hope I don’t wander, but if I lose my way, I serve a God who cares and He will find me.

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  1. I can just see you trying to round up those horses.:) I see a common thread in all today's SS posts...trust. God is faithful and He can be trusted. Your story is a great illustration of this.

  2. Beautiful horses.

    Usually if horses are use to being handled you can put a rope or something around their neck and lead them. My hubby has even used his belt to lead our daughters horse. Of course, I would not try this with a horse I didnt know was a gentle giant.
    I love to watch them...they are such beautiful creations.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

    PS: Urgent prayer request on my blogs for a fellow blogger (mary at divinely designed). I may have already told you this...sorry, I cant remember!

  3. Hi Mary, what a wonderful, encouraging devotional. Loved the photo, and the tie in with the scriptures. (My brother also has miniature ponies, about ten of them. They follow him around like puppies!)

  4. What a great post and I love the picture. I would have had no idea how to get them home. "Prodigal Horses" - that's so cute.
    Thank you for sharing this with us today.
    Have a great Spiritual Sunday.

  5. Ah Mary ... I love how you write! Even before getting to your picture, 'could just visualize this scene -- and your face!

    Comforting scripture, comforting music.... thank you!

    Warm wishes,

  6. I loved seeing the prodigal horses. What a great photo op! And in the process, you got a spiritual lesson. I'm so glad that He doesn't give up on His own children.

    Have a great Sunday! Be blessed. I'm praying.

  7. Great post! I want to see the little horses! Yes, we wander and He lovingly sets out to bring us back. Whew.

  8. That sounds so reassuring that "..if I lose my way, I serve a God who cares and He will find me."

    Such Amazing grace!

  9. What a great story teller you are. Great story. Great picture. Thanks for posting.

  10. That's a great pic you took! Beautiful creatures. So glad I was found! And I hope many more are by the loving Shepherd Who gave everything to protect His flock, even His own life. Happy Sunday to you sister Mary and God bless. Love you in Christ!

  11. Hi Mary,
    What a wonderful illustration! I wouldn't have known what to do with the horses myself! They are a beautiful animal but have never felt comfortable around them. I always enjoy your Spiritual Sundays posts! Thanks for sharing today.


  12. What a beautiful analogy. I love it when the Lord speaks through the events of the day.

    What a clever title, too!


    (Enjoy tea with my sister Tuesday! Wish I could join you.)

  13. What a wonderful sight to wake up to. I'm a city girl but would love to try to live in the country.
    That is my prayer that I lose my way God will find me. Thank-you so much for sharing this.

  14. I guess you just can't take the city out of the girl in some instances?! LOL Great pics, Mary. And great words. God bless you!

  15. I loved the picture of the miniature horses. How cute they are! You do tell a great story - thanks for sharing it with us today.


  16. What a great sight to start your day Mary!

    Thank God that the full knowledge of Him is our cure for wanderlust. He just keeps loving us, protecting us, delivering us, and revealing Himself to us until we are cured. He is a wonderful shepherd. This was a great Spiritual Sunday!

  17. Hi sister Mary! Good Wednesday morning! Just sending a warm hug, hello, prayer, and all the good things of the Lord!!! Love you sister! Drink lots of water!!! Hot summer!!!

  18. Hi My Dear Sweet Friend,

    I stopped in to say that I love you precious sister!! My prayers continue to be said for all dear one.

    The picture of the horses is beautiful. What a surprise to wake up to. I, too, would have bolted for my camera to get as best a shot of that beautiful site! I live in a small town and you could say that I am a country girl, but rounding up horses is not one of my quests. I applaud you "City Girl" for your brave attempts of capture. LOL

    I loved your message from the scriptures and it is soooo comforting to have complete trust in Him knowing that He is always there with us wherever we are and that should any one stray, that He is right there along side to bring them home to Him.

    Love you bunches my friend,

  19. What a memorable morning and story! And what a wonderful analogy of our Father's love! Beautiful!!!

    Thank you so much for praying for my husband. We are still waiting for test results, but God, Who is so faithful and is always near, gives us such grace for waiting.

    Your scripture prayers are awesome, and I feel honored that you remembered us.

    Take care, and many blessings to you!


  20. The horses are so beautiful and so is your prayer garden.

    I'd love to visit with you and pray...how beautiful.

    I enjoyed your message.

    Love ya.

  21. Hello Mary
    I was such a pleasure to be in your presence today.
    He has a hug for you
    All those hurts all those tears wrapped up in a precious bottle treasured and important to Him for each and every one of them matter as so do you.
    That hurt seemingly emanating from you...I hope that I might offer some comfort in this.
    You are loved.
    No one else may have noticed and forgive my forwardness. I just embrace you in my heart all the way home.

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