The Officer and a Gentle Woman

What makes traveling in airports so much fun is meeting people. I sat next to a woman on the plane who was an undercover cop. I enjoyed hearing her talk about her interesting work. She asked me, “Do I look like your average soccer mom?” “Why yes,” I answered! That, apparently, is the look the Police Department desires for her work. She told me about the time when she caught a perpetrator in an undercover assignment. She entered the room and within minutes she knew who the troublemaker was just by his actions. She shared some advice with me that I will never forget: Much of the time we cause our own problems because we draw attention to ourselves in negative ways. She handcuffed the young man quickly and he exclaimed: “I knew you were a cop. When you walked in, you kept looking around. I should have known and kept my mouth shut.”

I’ve been studying the book of Proverbs. In Proverbs 18:6 it says: A fool’s lips enter into contention. And his mouth calls for blows.” My ongoing prayer is “Lord, put a guard over my mouth and use me to speak life to those around me.” I have not arrived in this; I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m on my way.

This is a hard word. It’s like forgiveness. Who wants to put aside their hurts and anger and forgive someone who has wronged you? Yet, God’s Word is true and sets us free. I’ve read similar messages about the mouth, the words we speak on many blogs lately. It is a confirmation of what the Lord is speaking to us.

Let’s tackle this assignment together. May the words we choose to speak bring life.


  1. Oh, how much trouble that one little organ can get us into. I've learned the hard to listen more than talk. But sometimes I feel like I have to put a lock on it like your photo image. That must have been interesting talking with the police woman.

  2. I love what you posted today sister Mary. Because that's my constant prayer is for the Lord to guard my mouth, before I enter my workplace. There's just a lot of negative things and it's so easy to be consumed by it if I'm not careful.
    Seemed like you had an interesting story telling from the undercover cop. That's great if you were not bored when you flew.
    Thank you for reminding me to choose only good things to come our of my mouth. It is hard like what you said but if it that's what will please the Lord, then I must keep working on it. God bless you and praying for you always. Love you in Christ sister Mary.

  3. Yes Mary I have noticed the same theme in many of the blogs as well!
    I pray the same, let us speak words of LIFE!
    I just want to thankyou for being a living example of this scripture and for all the life breathing words you share with me! You bless me everyday!
    I love you soo!

  4. May the words we choose to speak bring life.

    AMEN AMEN AMEN SIS!! I'm in!!

  5. This is a powerful message, Mary ... something I needed to see and will (hopefully!) remember!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,

  6. Such good words today. Sometimes holding our tongue brings such blessings. I especially feel this at school - so many talkers, so few listeners.

  7. The hardest job ever is to keep my mouth shut and I admit I still need MUCH work in this area.
    Hoping and praying your situations are resolving in GODs time and in HIS perfect will. I pray GOD will do whatever it takes to get each person involved into HIS good and perfect will so that they will become the people HE created them to be.
    Love ya, andrea

  8. Amen Mary! We should have posted yesterday's post on my blog and today's from yours together to show that God is speaking the same thing through us all!

  9. Precious Mary,

    The tongue (mouth) needs to be surrendered daily, often and moment by moment to the control of the Holy Spirit or we're in big trouble! :)

    That image you used really speaks all by itself :)

    Thanks for sharing with us dear friend. Love you.

  10. Hi Mary. So glad you're back. I think i'd missed your smiles! ;)

    Your post is a strong reminder that we shouldn't be careless with what comes out from our mouth.. we can only be watchful and need so much help from above!

  11. Dropped by to let you know I am thinking about you and praying for you.
    I had one of those crazy situations last night regarding an extended family member. As I prayed, I thought of you!!
    Blessings, love, hugs, and prayers,andrea


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