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Thank you to Alleluiabelle, Humble As I Go, and Loren, The Magoos News, for giving the Kreativ Blogger Award to me. As a blogger, you always hope that people enjoy visiting your website, and to get an award for it is just the icing on the cake. Please visit these two gals and enjoy their creative blogs as well. These two sisters in the Lord are carrying heavy burdens right now, but their attitudes are positive and they continue to witness to us with the love of Jesus. They are a blessing to the Body of Christ and the blog world.

I am required to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award and they are supposed to nominate 7 others! (Be sure to leave a comment on their blog about the award.) After they accept the award, they are then asked to write a list of 7 things that their blog readers may not already know about them.

Pom Pom Ponderings
This blog is fun with lots of creativity with flowers, motherhood and grandmotherhood and lots of love of Jesus!

Lamp Unto My Feet
Sherry is such much fun; you will laugh and enjoy her fun blog. She is a military wife and I think she deserves to get every award there is. Thank you, Sherry, for those sacrifices you make for all of us.

Keeping Up With Hunter
Brooke, another young mom, is so creative as she posts wonderful humor to make us laugh on Fridays!

Grammy, The Empty Nester, is very creative on her blog with humor and practical tips and lots of love for the Lord.

Dream Big, is a creative mom, grandmother, wife and paper crafter. Kay is my very first on-line friend and no one can take her place.

The Orenczak Family
This is a family blog that was originated for their little girls to practice their computer skills. How clever and creative is that!

Here are 7 things about me you may not know.
1. I work with my husband in sales; we’re a pretty good team.
2. I love America, write my congressmen and pray for our great country.
3. I enjoy thrift store shopping.
4. I don’t like elevators.
5. I enjoy houseplants and gardening, baking and cooking.
6. I love the mountains, pine trees, cabins and nature trails.
7. I have been active in Women’s Aglow Fellowship and am very grateful for the mentoring and training in the Holy Spirit.


  1. Thank you so much...that was very sweet of you! I'll re post this award as soon as I can! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Congradulations! You are awesome!!

    As I have read some blogs this morning, one stands out to me. I thought you may want to drop by and send up a prayer. I am not sure if you follow it or not.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  3. Yay! Another award! Well-deserved sister Mary for you have an awesome kreativ blog for the Lord. It's not the look, it's not about having Scripture tags on the side bars, it's not about how often you post. It's about spilling out your heart in every post, a heart that truly seeks the Lord first in every word you write. You are an inspiration and it's always refreshing to visit here. Have a great weekend! Love and blessings!

  4. You are such a kind and caring person Mary. Congratulations on your award. You deserve the recognition.

  5. Congrats for the award!

    I was reading through your older posts as well and what struck me was, you really love the Lord. I like the one under Honest Scrap where you said you enjoy waking at daybreak to meet Jesus in your garden with your first cup of coffee. i think that's no 5 on the list. i like no 6 too. the sound of birds. glorious , isn't it?

    And i saw Andrea's msg here. i was so touched..what a sweet loving woman that she is!

  6. Mary,

    I saw your comment on Rosels spiritual sunday post and wanted to come and let you know I am praying and standing in agreement with you!
    Let NO weapon formed against you prosper and all that rise up against you will FALL....In JESUS PRECIOUS NAME! The enemy is UNDER YOUR FEET!

    I love you Mary and my heart is with you!

  7. Sister Mary, I had been tossing and turning and had only slept 2 hours and I'm still working tonight. I started reading one of my old journals where I had recorded the good things that the Lord had done as I started my walk with Him. I had paid particular attention to Psalm 44:5. Still couldn't sleep and when I decided to get on line and saw your comment, I knew I needed to pray with you earnestly NOW! I did and I believe there is no coincidence. The Lord showed me that Scripture to share it with you.
    Psalm 44:5 -"Only by Your power can we push back our enemies;only in Your Name can we trample our foes."
    Standing with you in prayers as the Lord stands in the midst of us now. No matter what happens, he already had overcome the world. Greater is He Who is in us than he is who is in the world.
    Lord, I ask that You cover sister Mary and her family, same with mine Your protection. Surround us all with Your angels. We know that there is no need to be afraid when troubles come because You are always there for us. You already had overcome the world so in Your precious Name, we declare our victory! In Jesus' Name. Amen. Love and hugs to you sister.

  8. Thank you, Loren and Rosel,for your love and prayers.

  9. Thank you so much for honoring me with an award! I'm fairly new to blogging, so how do I accept the award and post it on my blog? You are the BEST and I love the encouragement and care on your uplifting blog!

  10. Thank you so much! :D What a blessing! :D

  11. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us. I'm not big on elevators either.

    Blessings dear one.


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