Friday Funnies

In keeping with my family theme this week, I’m dedicating my Friday Funnies Post to my family in Chicago. Our Polish family embraces various ethnic backgrounds, namely, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, German, and African American but what remains strong in us all are the Polish Hams.
Have a great weekend, my friends! For more Friday Funnies go to Kim’s at


  1. LOL! Funny pic! Got some eggs to go with the ham?

  2. Oh I love a good goofy family photo! We take our family photos at Christmas time and there is always a few "fun" shots!
    Love you my friend.
    BIG hugs and Happy Friday to you!

  3. Welcome back to Friday Funnies!
    This pic is GREAT! Made me smile instantly :) What a tapestry of Love you all have!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I remember before you went to Chicago that it was your prayer to have a great laugh because we need humor in our lives. That pic just proved how much your prayer was answered!

    There is nothing like a "picture with silly faces" to always go back to at times that you can use some humor yourself. And thank you for sharing that! Funny but precious...Have a great weekend my friend and sister!

    Love and prayers always...Rosel

  5. I love it! Thanks for sharing and making my day with all the smiles and fun.

  6. Funny family photos are the best!

    I will be back to catch up on all I have missed!
    Have a Fabulous Friday!

  7. What a fun, family photo. Blessings to you!

  8. I love goofy family photos! I'm so glad you're back home safe and sound. You were missed in bloggy land. But as you can see, it's hot in AZ. Greg and I drove past the Verde Valley exit while driving up to Munds Park a few weekends age and I thought of you. Have a great weekend!

  9. What a hoot! What could be better than a fun family foto festival?! Thanks ever so for sharing your merry heart!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. Now that's some classy kin!!! In fact, it looks an awful lot like my clan.

  11. Great pic from Chicago! What a wonderful family, if they do ham it up just a little!!

  12. This is too much! Thanks for the smile!


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