What do you see when you are in the company of an attractive woman who does not have the wisdom of God? Beauty fades from a woman who does not search for God’s answers to life’s situations.

I invited the Lord into my life in my mid 20’s after having just enough time to live a while on this planet making foolish decisions and lacking in discernment. How thankful I am that He swept me off my feet and exchanged my backward ways for His wisdom. And to think that he is eager to repair, eager to train and give new perspective to life, makes me stop and reflect how thankful I am for God’s wisdom every day.

I had a new baby girl when I dedicated my life to Christ. I was a nervous, protective mother and very careful about where I would take my new daughter and whose influence I would allow. Wisdom came to me, and God began to show me my fears and replace them with confidence. He placed wonderful Christian women in my life to mentor me. He gave me the wisdom to look within myself and realize that I needed to make a lot of changes. These changes were expensive gifts I gave to my daughters and my husband because it cost me my pride to confess my sins and learn how to be a loving wife and mother.

God’s wisdom is priceless. It is a must for a women not only concerned with beauty but concerned with giving her family the highest quality of love. In Luke 2:52, I read that Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men. Now if Jesus, the Son of God come to earth, increased in wisdom, so must I.

Wisdom is the topic today that Lynn has asked us to thank God for and how it has affected our relationships. If you would like to participate today in Thankful Thursdays, you can log on to Spiritually Unequal Marriage and write about the wisdom that comes from God using your favorite scripture. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.


  1. Amen! That's a powerful testimony how God's wisdom had changed your life dramatically.
    Now, I think I not only see an attractive woman, but I see a woman who has a beautiful heart. Thanks to Him! ;) Love ya.

  2. I'm so glad that you came to know Him at that point in your life. It's good to read how other Christian women came alongside of you too. I think it's important to mentor the younger ones in the ways of God. I love it when women are beautiful on the inside. It really makes them beautiful on the outside too as it shines through.

  3. Hi Sweet Friend,

    You are so right my friend and God has blessed you with His wisdom. As Debbie said above, "I love it when women are beautiful on the inside. It really makes them beautiful on the outside too as it shines through." You shine because you radiate His love on to others. You are a Beautiful Woman with a Beautiful Heart for Him.

    Love & Hugs,

  4. Awesome awesome awesome post! God really spoke through this message to me. Happy Thankful Thursday, beautiful friend.

  5. Precious God had an appointed time for you to HEAR and RECEIVE JESUS into your life and I'm grateful you listened.

    Wisdom is a word often NOT used as much as it should be or investigated as much as it should be in the Word.

    I'm often reminded that when GOD asked Solomon what he wanted HE ASKED FOR WISDOM TO LEAD GOD'S PEOPLE!!!

    That became my cry about 10-12 years ago when I really stepped out and up in the call of God on my life and stopped fence warming and I can say that every time I ask Him for wisdom He generously pours it out. He's so awesome.

    Love your heart and love you.

  6. Amen, thanks for speaking the truth sweetie.

  7. I agree so much life is so hard when you are following and walking with God but can not imagine how much harder it would be without him

  8. A beautiful spirit is one that doesn't fade with age. Loved your post.

  9. Very beautiful testimony. You bless so many people.

  10. Hi

    Wow, what a great post. I am completely inspired and the scripture in Luke.... powerful..

    I am finally getting over to your place for Thankful Thursday…. Last week. Yikes, I am a bit behind. Thank you for honoring the Lord with your Thankful heart. I will see you again this Thursday. Hugs

    PS. I forgot the computer tip last week but have a good one for this week.


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