Friday Funnies

Today I'm submitting a Pepsi Commercial, Italian style! I had a good laugh yesterday when my girlfriend, Peggy, emailed me this one minute video. Have a good day today and be sure to catch up with Kim at Homesteader's Heart for more humor!


  1. Oh that is so cute. She is adorable and to have the Italian Mafia voice come out of her is hysterical.
    Thank you for your sweet comment earlier my friend!!!
    I always look forward to visiting your blog as well, for I love to see your smiling face each time!!

  2. How cute is that?! I wasn't expecting his gum to pop- scared me, LOL. Good one! Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday to you!

  3. Ha! I almost forgot, it's FRIDAY! So I headed over here to see your Fri. Funnies. She's so cute but that's scary with that "gangster" voice. Why did I feel like I was at "work?"... :)
    Thanks for always making us laugh. Have a great weekend sister! I'm off to work again tonight!
    She might know that "Pepsi" is the "drink of the new generation" but does she know that "Coke" "adds life?"

  4. Oh how precious, and FUNNY!!

    Hope you have a blessed day today♥

  5. I will be back to view after work..It will not let me download at work.
    Have a FABULOUS Friday!

  6. That was too funny! I didn't expect that voice out of such a sweet little innocent face or the bubble pop at the end. That topped it off LOL!

    I will be fervently praying for your family dear friend. The enemy likes to come in and do whatever damage he can, but...we are standing together and that thing is not going to get away with anything! I'm stomping on him hard right now in the name of Jesus Christ!

    Love you,

  7. That was a scream! Only in Atlanta, where I grew up, it is COKE!! And in Indiana it is "Big Red"!
    I am praying for your family. God bless you.


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