Sunday in Balboa Park

I'm so glad that my husband arrived early and safely Sunday morning and he was amazed how his granddaughter has grown since he saw her last in December.

We spent the afternoon in the park enjoying the various International Cottages. We tasted a delicious coffee cake in the House of Sweden that had almond paste in the center. Just outside the House of England, we found sausage sandwiches called Banger Sandwiches much like you would eat in an English Pub.

I enjoyed the presentation of Helena Modjeska in the House of Poland. I studied her china and other artifacts she brought over from Warsaw. A beautiful painting of this lovely high society lady graced one wall. Helena left Poland and settled in California and you wonder how much influence this Shakespearen actress had on the West Coast in the 20's and 30's.

I gave my husband a plate of latkes and applesauce in the House of Israel. The artifacts were fun to study and I took a picture of my daughter holding Susanna, but of course, I used her Jewish name, Shoshanna, to get her attention. That's when we met a spirited Jewish man also there for the day and we we enjoyed a long conversation with him. He teaches digital photography. So I gave him my camera to take the picture!

What a great afternoon in Balboa Park, San Diego!


  1. I sat down to rest after running errands and what did I see? A new post from sis Mary that made my day!
    So glad your husband joined you. Not only did you have a chance to visit San Diego, it seemed like you got a taste of "Israel" with your latkes, hmm...England, Sweden, Poland....sister Mary! that sounded like a great adventure, all in one day!
    No guessing here because it showed in your lovely pictures of your family. Adorable li'l "grandkid" of yours! Have a great day and God bless. love you, Rosel

  2. What beautiful pictures and memories you are participating in. Much love and prayers as you continue your journey...GOD BLESS,andrea

  3. It looks like so much fun! I adore the picture of the baby on grandpa's lap!

  4. This is absolutely one for your precious memory book I'm sure. Beautiful photos and a time to cherish.

    Love you sweet sister. Every time I look at your header I bust into a smile! Piles of Smiles! You radiate JESUS' JOY!

  5. I hope you're doing well this evening.

    I received a sisterhood award, which I am passing along to you. You may pick it up on my blog. It is at the bottom of today's post.

    Many blessings! And thank you for being a dear friend and sister-in-the Lord.


  6. Dear Friend,

    The pictures are wonderful. It looks like you are really enjoying the time that you been given to enjoy your daughter, grandbaby and the California atmosphere. Your husband is really enjoying that little one in the picture isn't he and I bet you're enjoying him being there with you now. Oh precious one, have the greatest time while you're there and I look forward to more pictures along the way.

    (((Hugs & much love)))

  7. Great pictures, it looks warm where you are. Balboa Park seems like a great place to spend an afternoon.


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