Little Boy Needs Prayer

Prayer is needed for an eleven year old boy, Colton, who has dyslexia. He was unjustly punished in school by a teacher. Click here for the full story.

Many of us have been praying for Colton, who stated that he "just is mentally retarted." He is not and we need to rally around this little guy with our prayers right now. The school board has been informed. We're praying for justice in this situation and especially Colton's healing deep inside that little soul of his.

Thank you for helping us pray. I'm sure Andrea at Arise2write will be giving us updates.


  1. Good morning sis Mary! Glad that you're sharing this, too as we need more to join us in prayers. This is not really a surprising story as our schools ignore God in their system. A sheep without the Shepherd? When one falls into a cliff, the others follow...Scary...
    Enjoy your Monday. How's the grandbaby? I picture you cuddling with her all the time :) "Precious...precious..."
    Blessings and love-Rosel

  2. Please know I am praying for your precious daughter. Infertility is an extremely hard row to hoe. God works so strongly during this time in our lives, though, and I pray she feels His love and assurance that His plans for her will come to pass and He has not abandoned her.

    Oh, just reading the post about the little boy being punished galls me! It's not clear if he's being punished because of his learning disability or because of behavior, but with the lack of answers it's clearly not because of bad behavior or else they'd 'fess up. Imagining what this is doing to his self-esteem is heartbreaking! I will certainly be in prayer for this family and for this Mom as she protects her baby chick. Oh, arrrgh!

  3. Hi Mary,

    My prayers are being said for Colton. This is such a tragedy for him. How many more is this particular school system doing this to. It angers me that a school system can be so unjust and so...really inhumane in Colton's case.

    I didn't get onto my computer yesterday. My day was filled, so I'm trying to catch up in bits and pieces today. Check out my recent posting if you get a chance and want to participate.

    Hugs and mounds of love,

  4. Mary,
    Thank you, so very much. Colton and his family are feeling very discouraged today. Please keep the prayers coming!

  5. Thanks for this post. I will join with you in prayer. Have a great week.

  6. I am going out for a walk and will lift Colton before Father. I have a child that experienced this while she was in school, it is devastating on a child. The enemy sure is active in our world.

  7. Thank you for sharing this story, I will certainly put this family on my prayer list. Again Thank you for sharing.


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