I’m On My Way, But Not to San Jose

I’m almost packed for my trip. I look forward to flying out to San Diego on Thursday morning and spending the rest of the month with my daughter and grandbaby. I am so happy to be able to see Susanna again! She is already six months old. Her tiny feet are long enough to hit the floor in her Jumperoo and she can jump fast! My husband and I talk at length about how wonderful she eats her sweet potatoes! We watch her on u-tube over and over again.

At the beginning of the year, our family promised our Navy guy that we would visit his little family often while he was away at sea. I eagerly take my turn and long to hold Susanna in my arms!

My daughter is a wonderful mother. She is a writer and a great researcher. It blesses me how she takes her motherhood role so seriously, researching what is best for her child. She is a great cook and we have fun in the kitchen together. She lives in an almost perfect climate so we take lots of walks with the baby and her dog, an Australian Shepherd!

I’ll be keeping up with reading your posts, and posting on my blog as well. You are all special to me and you know I carry you in my heart.


  1. I pray you have a wonderful trip! I look forward to seeing some great pictures of you squeezing that precious baby!

  2. May God be with you as you travel to SD. That's great sis Mary! Your daughter's smile looks familiar :) Cute grandchild of yours! I know it's gonna' be a great reunion. May God bless you and keep you. Can't wait for ur next post!

  3. How wonderful! A whole month of hugs & memory making. What could be better?

    Your girls are precious, and no doubt you have a tough time keeping your buttons attached.

    May it be a special trip. And may that young sea-worthy son-in-law be blessed in a myriad of ways; safe too!


  4. I am so excited for you. I can not wait to see pictures and read the stories about your trip and what GOD reveals to you.
    Many prayers for safe travel and a wonderfully blessed time together full of joy and excitement.
    Much love and prayers, andrea

  5. I love this photo and I am so happy for the time you will have. Susanna is a beautiful name and she looks like a bundle of joy.
    Looking forward to your posts San Diego.

  6. Praying for safe travels and that you enjoy your time with the girls.

    Thanks for your encouragement on my blog post today. You are too sweet! Much love, Laurie Ann

  7. Hi sis Mary. I hope you'll have a chance to read this before you fly. I had answered ur comment under my latest post so I hope you'll be able to read that... :)

    God bless you sister and you're in my prayers.

  8. Have a wonderful trip! You make me miss my grandbaby and daughter clear up in Seattle:) Enjoy those rocking moments!

  9. Dear, Dear Friend,

    I've been off the computer for a day or two. I was in need of some much needed rest, and now I'm back and find you leaving. I'm so happy that you will have this time to spend with your daughter and your little grandbaby. How beautiful they all are. I, too, look forward in hearing and see pictures of trip along the way. You have my blessings sweet lady and I hope the sunshine fills your days in more ways than one!

    My love to you,


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