Thankful Thursday ~ We're Free!

Lynn chose the topic: “We’re Free” for this Thanksgiving Thursday asking us to share how Jesus set us free. The answer to that for me, hands down, is that Jesus delivered me from a spirit of fear. I was a living testimony to my husband after I committed my life to Christ because irrational fears that held me bound were released. The old me, years ago, would ask him to watch the kids in the evening if I had to go to the grocery store; I would wait until the last hour before the store closed when the place was fairly empty so I could avoid talking to people. Jesus saved my life and filled me with His spirit and gave me love for people. Soon after I met Jesus, I began to serve Him in my church and in my community and fear no longer held me captive. 1 John 4:18 says: “There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” I’m on a journey; I’ve not arrived, but I’m on my way. It is so freeing to live to please Jesus and not worry about pleasing people.

I’ve seen answers to my prayers this week and I’m excited to share them.

My Son-in-law, Mark, saw his doctor and the exgruisiating pain in his back is a bulging disk. He doesn’t have to have surgery! The doctor says nature will heal it in time; we, on the other hand, praise God for having His mighty hand of healing on Mark. He’s been feeling stronger every day.
My husband had a severe reaction to food he ate over the weekend. I am so thankful that God healed him quickly from the pain.

A bunch of us have been praying for my girlfriend’s daughter, who is battling cancer and was so weak she couldn’t continue Chemo. The doctor released her from the hospital this week and told her he thinks she’s going to be fine. We are thanking God for setting her free.

My daughter wrote on her blog about her car troubles and bank mishap this week. I’m so thankful that during this tension, the baby was in such a great mood, feeding well and napping for her. And I’m thanking God for answering my ongoing prayers of protection for her and baby Susanna while daddy is deployed. Thank God for all those wonderful folks who pray for military families. Watching my daughter’s life makes me aware of their needs.

Others are talking about their freedom in Christ today and sharing thankfulness on Lynn's blog. Please join us.


  1. Praise God for answereing your prayers, bless you.

  2. I am so glgad that you are free from fear. It's gripping, isn't it? As part of an anxiety disorder that goes along with depression, I have a mild form, very mild, of claustrophobia. God pretty much has it under control for me but when I have to go places like Wowmart or Tarjet', I go late at night or first thing in the a.m. It's less busy and I don't feel so hemmed in.

    I will be praying for the matters you mentioned in your post.

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  3. As always, it's a pleasure to stop in a read your postings. I have suffered through a lot of fear when I was much younger and very, very shy. God has certainly freed me of such fears and all of that is gone. I'm really quite the opposite now. He has also freed me from the fear of public speaking as well. Praise God that He has blessed you, your family and dear friends too. Happy Thankful Thursday.

    Much peace to you,

  4. Praise God for releasing you from your fears and for the many answered prayers this week. When we pause to recollect the instances of God's faithfulness, it helps all of our troubles seem less.


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