Weekend Highlights

My US Airways flight to San Diego arrived safely. No birds flew into the engine, but we needed maintenance while on the tarmac for over an hour before leaving Pnx. I felt sorry for the elderly gent next to me who worried that he would miss his surgeon's appointment at the Naval Hospital.

It's been raining! This is the much needed rainy season in San Diego and it's chilly.

We've been entertaining ourselves indoors with Susanna, Netflix and home cooking!

Just turning four months, Susanna learned to grasp her rattles and teething rings. She drools and gives us the raspberries a lot. She loves her bouncer where she kicks her right leg and makes it go fast! Her big smiles warm my heart.

Mirriam, the family dog, is very protective of home and family.

I love these visits where I can enjoy my role of grammy!


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