Thankful Thursday -~ The Little Things

It’s Thankful Thursday and I’m thanking God for all the blessings of this past week, especially the little things. It is the little things that amaze me of how much God cares for me. You expect Him to do the big hard things, but the little details seem to matter to Him too, and that makes me feel loved.

I’m thankful for friendships of women. My friends, Peggy & Mary Jane invited me out for breakfast after church last Sunday. It was fun to be a part of what was happening in that restaurant. So many of us Christians were enjoying a meal and reuniting with old friends from various churches. It felt like a preview of Heaven to be in that restaurant that everybody seems to like on Sunday mornings.

I’m thankful that the same day that my coffee pot broke, my husband surprised me with a brand new Cuisinart coffee maker. I can’t imagine not starting my day with coffee and what a blessing to have such a nice appliance!

I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to take a week off and visit with my daughter and granddaughter last week. I thank God for all the smiles little four-month old Susanna gave me. A smile may seem like a little thing, but when she smiles, her whole face seems to rise and get into it. Why do babies without any teeth look more adorable than adults who lost theirs?

I’m thankful my husband and I were able to attend Bible study at church last night. He said he would like to go with me, but when a client scheduled a late afternoon appointment I wondered if our plans would fall through. With past experiences like this, we usually just want to go straight home when it gets so late. Last night we were able to finish in time to grab a quick sandwich and drive to the service. Nothing is too hard for God. The client, too, is a Christian. He probably wanted to get to his Wednesday night Bible study.

I’m thankful that my daughter cared enough to invite me to Twitter. It is neat to be able to read “little things” that my daughters post every day and also take the time to join in with them. This must be the way my Mom felt when in her 90’s, I insisted she learn her email program so we can keep in touch often. She was adorable typing everything in caps at first. One of the kids told me she felt that Grannie was always yelling at her!

What little things are you thankful for this Thursday? Join in the fun at Grace Alone.


  1. What a wonderful TT post. I can see that you have the love and grace of God in your life - it shows in your great big smile! Happy TT!

  2. I truly enjoyed your post! Your piles of smiles run down through your list of thanksgiving to the Lord. Happy Thankful Thursday!

  3. Such a nice thankful list dear.

  4. I enjoyed reading your thankful Thursday list of little things. It's amazing how those little things are really important. Friends are great and coffee is divine! How wonderful too that your hubby got to go to the Bible study.


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