Thankful Thursday - The Basics

The Bible teacher at church was making a point about the Holy Spirit. He used a network analogy comparing the Holy Spirit to a computer. When we boot the computer and search the web, we connect to the world. When we receive Christ as our savior the same Holy Spirit that connects us to God connects us to each other.

Today at Thankful Thursday we are thanking God for the basic things in life. I have been so blessed by the Christian blogoshere that I need to take this day and thank the Lord for the good influence that bloggers have on my life. I work in the housing industry and business has been slow. The upside of my predicament is that I can log on to inspirational blogs that encourage me and uplift me. Hours at the office no longer drag not to mention the hope that uplifts my spirit. Thank you, blogger friends, for sharing your love for the Lord and touching the lives of others.

I started my blog six months ago and in just that short time, I have made some wonderful godly contacts. My life is blessed by them and I don’t even have to leave my office! I know just where to go if I want to learn more about healthy living or be inspired to decorate or organize my home. I’ve found women sharing wisdom about raising families and posting photos of their adorable kiddos. Some women write about their church involvement, their health issues and their prayer life. I Thank God today for their talents and gifts of expression!

I can see why some blogs get bunches of awards; they are beautiful. This inspires someone like me who is not that technical yet and only can post pictures! I love to learn and I’m excited to tackle more. I’m thankful for the inspiration of the beautiful layouts I see. But, ultimately, blogging is about relationships. I’m thankful the way God made us women; we excel at getting to know one another and helping each other. It doesn’t take us long and we’re sharing about what we think and feel.

I remember telling my daughter that my blog is dedicated to connecting with my family back east; thus, eliminating emails and sharing a slice of my life. I told her that other than family, I don’t think anyone else reads it. She opened my blog and put a feed thingy on it. I was amazed as we watched viewers all over the country, and some internationals even, log on. My blog is only a few months old, and I am blessed to have a few followers. I was thanking God for them a while back and felt like He impressed me to pray for them. I may not know some of them real well, but I’m thankful when He gives me a special scripture I can pray just for them!

I laugh when I remember when I was blogging only a few short weeks, and left comments on Kay’s blog. I was so impressed with her place but really didn’t have much posted at mine yet. She visited me faithfully though I had nothing to offer her! So that’s what “comments” do! My friendship with her is an answer to prayer to connect with another woman different from me living in a different part of the nation! I’ve read that same thing on a lot on others blogs and it tickles me to see strangers become friends through their posts. It is like the Bible teacher stated, we have the spirit of God connecting us to each other and to the Lord.

Thank you, Iris, for hosting Thankful Thursdays and encouraging us women to take time out to thank our God. You have great ideas!


  1. Thanks for sharing such sweet blessings.

  2. It's awesome to "feel" the connections through the blogosphere isn't it? I've been blessed with some of the most precious friends of my life through blogging. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us... and for stopping by to visit. You DEFINITELY need to get Captivating off the shelf! ;-) Have a great day!

  3. I just started my blog a short time also,,and learned how to post pics,,LOL..other than that,,sigh...notta!! What a beautiful thankful post. Isn't it just AMAZING how the Lord leads His daugthers together...I just found your post such a blessing. I'm planning on following you!!

  4. I love the connections I've made throughout blogland, too. My heart rejoices at reading yours! You're a truly bright spot for God in the blogging world. Happy Thankful Thursday!

  5. You have alot to offer on your blog!Your heart comes through. Thanks for sharing today and thanks for stopping by my place. Blessings!! Mary

  6. Isn't that the truth? How wonderful it is in "blogland." I feel just as you do and it's such a wonderful feeling having "friends" all over the place. We may not meet face to face until Heaven but perhaps God will allow us a "blog party." What a treat that would be! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have missed "chatting" with you! Blessings.

  7. Thank you for visiting my site.
    Dont you love that wonderful unexplainable scent of the rain. It always made me thankful coz I somehow feel the Lord's presence when I stop & sniff,lol.

    I agree with you when you said that blogging connects us to wonderful people around the world & thats really something that we should be thankful for =)

  8. I enjoyed catching a glimpse of your own blogging beginnings -- we started about the same time -- I started in August 2008.

    I wanted to have a place to write on a regular basis and develop my writing skills, as well as to share my thoughts on living a beautiful life.

    Like you, I have so much enjoyed meeting such wonderful people through this blogging experience. We are truly blessed to bump into like-minded and God-minded people from all walks of life and places.

    Glad I 'met' you..... look forward to future visits.

  9. What a beautiful post - this is YOUR best one yet! You have really developed a wonderful following of beautiful christian women, and I believe God led you to me for so many reasons! You bless me each & every time we connect, thank you! I'm joining in with your praise party today, and thanking God for you and all the precious blogasphere friends that encourage me. Amen sista!


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