Like Daughter, Like Mother

There's much to do in Balboa Park with its restaurants, museums, Japanese Gardens called The Friendship Garden. But today the International Cottages were opened to view! The Houses of Sweden, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Poland were filled with artifacts and samples of native food. There were so many cottages we didn't even have the time to enter. Carrie's warning to me was: "Mom, the smell of the food in Balboa Park is tempting, but let's remember that we're here for exercise." "I'll support you in that," I responded, halfheartedly.

It was a wonderful walk in the park observing guitar players, singers and dancers, an outdoor organ recital in the amphitheatre, a cup of Black Chai at the Tea House, to name a few points of interest, and, of course, green foilage and flowers everywhere. Being a lady from the desert, I loved it!

Carrie, Susanna, Mirriam the dog and I were happy to return home to make an early supper. While we cooked and fed Susanna, Carrie was amazed at my resolve to pass up the tasty foods. Well, I didn't exactly! I reminded her of my visit to the Puerto Rico Cottage. I indulged in a piece of white cake with vanilla icing thinking, "Who will see me?" What's funny is a few minutes later, Carrie said "Mom, what's that white stuff on your mouth?" I still didn't tell her the truth! At supper though, we had a good laugh.

When Carrie was three, I put her down for a nap one day telling her to sleep and not get up while I got her sister inside the house. When I returned to check on Carrie, she had dark cookies around her mouth, but insisted she did not get out of bed. I laughed to myself.

Are we cut from the same cloth or what? Proverbs 9:17 says: Stolen waters are sweet and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.


  1. I'm SO glad to learn that you are in San Diego visiting! And having a grand time, I see. I'm going to need some close up pics of Susanna. Be sure to hand off the camera for a 3 generation kodack moment too! Proverbs 9:17 - I love your illustration and will chuckle next time I sneak a treat. Soak in the sun for me too, baby. Have a wonderful visit! Ohhh, I'm just giddy for grannys!


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