Let's Keep our Love Alive

Valentine's Day is almost here. I've been reading so many blogs addressing ways for us married couples to stay in love, communicate better and celebrate with our spouse.

Last year, our book club read Lynn Seller's novel, Once Again I Fear, and we asked Lynn to join our discussion of her book. My question was about the lead character's parents, a long-time married couple.

Whenever they had a heated disagreement, one of them would suggest: "let's go out for ice cream." The ice cream usually ended the tense feelings and they would talk their way back into a loving relationship. So I asked Lynn if this was the secret to her marital success. "No!" She replied! "I made all that up!"

What is the secret in your marriage for happiness? It takes work to keep love alive. Don't let yours grow cold, especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner.


  1. I have replaced "I love you" with "I respect you." It has done wonders for my marriage.


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